RE: How Does One Become a Successful Forex Trader as a Beginner?

    Please I would like to know, how can one learn how to become an exceptionally good in forex trader? This is without having any prior knowledge of forex trading before. Thank you.

    Ogundefunmi Return Member Asked on May 30, 2018 in Digital Currency.
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      Firstly, you need passion to stay long on forex market.  Learning so well, and also understand the market movers,  when you understand how this works, then you can proceed to demo trading.  Trade your demo account with real emotion, i mean take it real serious. So many traders make profit on demo but always loose on live account. You will like to ask why ? Its just because of the emotions differences. Trading forex requires emotions stability, this is very important.  Start your demo trading and plan how many hours you will like to stay with your account, the more time you stay in front of the chart, you probably end up seeing what you want to see and you dont see what the market wants to do again.

      New Member Answered on March 16, 2019.
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