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Millions of articles have been written, on various low startup business opportunities  and
interestingly some factors have remained constant in the discussion of these opportunities. This factor is how they are generation untold profit and giving employment to the unemployed.

Business of selling bottled water has been favorably ranked because when
considered side by side with those constant factors, most investors believe it
is low income friendly in the line of the Fast Moving consumer Goods, while
other believe that when we take a  close
look at how many packaged water brands in the market one will definitely
conclude that the market is saturated but that not true, since everyone living and alive today needs drinking
water for sustenance of life, the fact remain that drinking water is our main
source of life and how much water we can drink a day is immeasurable because
our whole existence depend on it. 

Science has shown that as an adult we can
consume up to 8 glasses of water a day, others still feel is not enough as they
consume much more than scientific requirement. If you sweat a lot or engage in
physical activities, then there is much need of you to consume more water. 

If you have
not been in the habit of drinking water, you need to start now to increase the
quantity gradually by adding a glass or two from your usual intake every day till you reach your maximum level, except where your health care provider
deems it fit to limited the quantity of your water consumption. So the world at
large needs drinking  water which
brings us to what is required to start this fast moving consumer business.

A Bottled Water Supermarket
Initial Capital: Following a careful market
survey and research, minimum of N50,000 (fifty thousand naira) is sufficient
for a kick off stage, recall that we are not talking  about obtaining an electronic  plastic bottle sealing machine for this,
rather we focus on the hand Manuel sealing
which is less in cost and purchasing price is about 5,000 naira. which can been seen in our markets
 Raw Material: Access to a good source of drinking water is a
basic need of life which many have, especially a chlorine treated bore whole,
this basic need of life makes up 80% of the raw material needed.
Preparation: In this context, we do not expect you to sink
a fresh bore hole, since your existing one can serve that purpose. Next, most
investors knows that the cost of obtaining a plastic bottle sealing machine
ranges between N300,000 to N400,000, yes
that’s true, but only very few knows that a manual
counterpart of that machine, is less and about N5000 or less, the
production of plastic bottles, and its label is based on an ordering range of N20 to N30 per plastic bottle. Get a medium operational table and with these you
are good to go.
Target Market: This is the only product in the world that is
needed by the upward of 8 billion people in the world, talk about the sick, the
prisoners, the rich and the poor who in the could have you ever had lived or is
still living without water, of course is an obvious answer non. The frequency
of consumption is only second to the air we breathe. Since the focus in this
article is in the production of the plastic bottle brand of drinking water, one
could easily target a supply to large gatherings and occasions, as well as
retail sales from iced coolers at schools, churches, bus tops where
strategically located retailers and hawkers could be used.
Continuity: In business
parlance the term “Going Concern” , this is a factor we must consider, now let
me ask you, would you abandon a business with a steady and regular income?
That’s what a business of this nature can do for you. Here there is one factor
we want you to have in your mind, note that there are so many retailers in the
drinking water business but %95 of which are all buying and selling retailers,
but interestingly that’s not what we propagate in this article, we try to build
retailers who are also producers thereby bridging the scalar chain or gap
between producer and consumers, thus giving the ordinary retailer good reason
to be in business…
Profit: As with the case with
other products in the line of “fast moving consumer goods” like the recharge
card business in the telecom industry, the profit is constant steady and sure
to come daily, only make sure your product (water) is pure and clean.
Risk: In all categories of this business venture tested so far only %15 risk
or less is experience or forestalled. Life itself has more than 15% risk, and
involving in a business with less than that is in fact no risk at all, except
for some likely event where out of once carelessness you miss place the Manuel
machine, stealing by thief, or unable to get a clean treated water, one needs
to be meticulous in this regards.
main objective here is to breach the gap between producer and retailer, which
shows that a retailer can also become a producer as well as a retailer, if you utilize the sales of bottled water, you can be rest assured that you are on your way to being rich!!!

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  • Anonymous May 16, 2014

    If you brand your water bottles very well and market it aggresively you are sure gonna be rich


  • SEUN December 6, 2018



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