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Now you can combine fun and business on Facebook and make money for yourself. I stumbled on this business model on one of the Facebook pages and really liked what I saw there. Then I took time to dig around it and discovered that it is highly profitable as well. The business is smart and any smart person can do it. I therefore called it Facebook Business.

How can you make money on Facebook using the trade page? I will try and explain everything in this Article the way you will understand the business and get going without wasting time. The business is simple and like I said before, anyone can do it.

The woman who owned that page I am talking about simply created a Facebook page specifically for engagement and wedding rings. She took time to edit the page properly with some nice graphics, uploaded different kinds of Wedding and Engagement rings and their prices and add her contact and phone number. Anyone who is interested in any of the products will contact her.

She has two payment options: Either you pay at the bank if you are comfortable with that or you pay at delivery. Sometimes she will make as much as twenty sells in a week and if you know the profit margin at which she sells those rings, you will understand what I am talking about. Sometimes she makes as much as $2,000 pure profit from those sales in a week!

One funny thing is that she doesn’t have any shop or office, she did not invest too much time or money upfront, she doesn’t even stock those items. Yet, she make so much profit and still go about her other businesses! That is how smart people roll – smart in the positive sense.

I am sure you are itching to go now? But do you know exactly how to go about setting up the Facebook Business? What you need to put in place to ensure productive campaign? Now seat back as I explain the process involved and if you get it right, you will be in money!

1. Decide on Product – Look for product that can be marketed easily. Products like – Wrist Watches, Wedding and Engagement Rings, Perfumes, Shoes and Belts, Hand Bags for Ladies, and the likes.

The type of product you chose to market may affect your profitability. Make sure you can easily source for the product at a short notice, except you have much money to buy it down.

2. Negotiate Discount – Go to a designers shop and negotiate discount. Make it concrete and official, don’t just talk to the sales girls –  approach the manager and explain you have some customers you will be supplying on regular basis, that you want a wholesale prices.

Also explain that sometimes you may bring a customer into their shop for product sampling (because some customers may just want to come over and see things themselves) so that they don’t get you embarrassed when your customer comes in with you. Deal only with Original designer items. That is what people want and are ready to spend their money on them.

3. Get a Facebook Account – I am sure you have a Facebook account? if not, go create one now, its free and take less than five minutes to create. Facebook is the gathering ground for the whole world – I mean a place where the whole world gathers on daily basis.

It is the biggest social network on earth – I don’t need to explain all these to you except you are just coming out from the forest of Sulawesi. If you already have an account, go to the page section and create Facebook page for the product you intend to market.

4. Upload the Product Pictures – Be creative here. It is only the picture that your potential customer will see, so make it attractive. If you upload dull and unattractive pictures of your product, you will have dull selling. Get a digital camera and take pictures of those items in attractive format.

Or you can get the name of the exact product in stock and search for the digital photo on Google. Make sure you get the picture of the exact product. If it is wrist watches or other jewelries, look for the product name and the serial number for exact match.

You may edit the picture and add the product price on the one corner of the picture. Then upload them and create well arranged albums according to the product categories and class. Be creative and make sure everything is well arranged.

5. Promote your Page – Promoting your page means promoting your product. Get more and more people to like your page, these are your potential customers.

Run Facebook ads and budget like $50 daily for a try. Make sure that everything is ready and you are ready to supply before advertising because order could come anytime.

Try this out and tell me the result. If you have any question, drop it on the comment section I will be willing to answer all your questions. If you have anything to contribute to the post, feel free to say it using the comment box. i wish you success in your business journey!

+Darlinton Omeh 

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  • prince February 28, 2013

    thanks for this great tips on how to make money on facebook,this is a great way for facebook users to earn more online thanks


  • Darlinton Omeh February 28, 2013

    Thank you prince, nice to hear that you like it. Have nice business day ahead


  • prince erafe February 28, 2013



  • Peter Mutiso March 18, 2013

    This is very achievable. Creating a brand Facebook Page is what one needs to start making money online


  • Success April 28, 2013

    This is fantastic. Thanks for the info, it was helpful. I will try it out


  • Anonymous May 23, 2013

    you must be blessed by God 4 doin this in Jesus name.AMEN


  • Anonymous June 4, 2013

    Thank you so much. My question is this, in running an add on facebook page, and selecting $50 does that mean payment obligation to facebook?or what. Please i need explanation on this before i make any commitment.


  • Darlinton Omeh June 4, 2013

    That means payment to facebook for the ads you intends to run on their platform.


  • Promise June 17, 2013

    gr8 info, niz job. i av an idea of how this works cos i av tried promoting ads campaigns on fb though i didn't finish d proces. bt frm wat i saw due 2 d level i got 2 in creating and promotin ads there, they charge $10 4 an ad 2 run 4 a day. has d price changd?


  • ima August 5, 2013

    I have been planning something close,
    this just guided my plans and thoughts.

    Thank you boss


  • Darlinton Omeh August 5, 2013

    Ima you are welcome! Nice to see it assisted you somehow


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