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Facilities or properties management are closely related fields and it is the management and coordination of properties (estates, house etc), tools(equipment, materials etc) , facilities(malls, shopping complexes, schools, office blocks, event centres, hotels etc). The embodiment of all these is what you can create a business line and start raking your millions if you are determined and you are are an expert.
Making money through facility and property management is easy and can be fun. It all depends on your ability to convince, create market presence, get clients, persuade them and winning their heart to doing business with your consultancy firm. It doesn’t matter if you have the best masters degree from a prestigious university or poly-versity in the world, all you need to have is the passion for the job. And also the ability to see the opportunities therein. Remember, entrepreneurship is a serious business.
However, you must have the following as a point of importance.

Have A Passion For The Job

The best thing you can do for yourself is to create deeper interest in any business you are doing. Passion is that force that drives your internal motive to action. It is very important to make your job your passion, so as to make good revenue through target audience.
My boss usually say, a man without passion for whatever he’s doing, is as good as a man without a purpose.

Get the required qualification and licence, if necessary

Getting the required qualification is another area that must be left out. The best any man can do for himself is getting a formal education. Formal education will liberate you, illuminate you and help you to understand the theoretical aspects of the business. Training yourself on this area of business is key. Most clients might throw tough questions that might take your breath away and also get you confused at the time of interview.
However, a business like this needs to be registered either with your local or state authority. Don’t also forget, there is always a body for all professions. So it expedient for you to register with them so as to be an associate. This will purge you out of all legal matters that might arise as penalty. Never step on toes in this business, because what goes around comes around.

Design A Business Name And Logo

Creating a business name for a business is very important. Most business come and run down after some few years, because customer are not familiar with the name and sales dropped as a result. You can hire a creative person to give you ideas and mix it with your own idea, then generate a befitting name and loge for the business. Remember, your logo must create meaning to your prospective clients before they can patronise you for a business consult. You must also know that, your business name must be registered before asking to make you as their property manager.
How To Become A Property Manager

Design A Comprehensive Proposal

Proposal is the next thing this line of business. Having a business plan that explains your mission and vision statements, core values, market analysis, target market/customer, executive summary, etc, is critical. A good proposal must explain the advantages of giving a property out for you to manage.
Never underestimate the power of proposal in getting your clients’ attention, to persuade him and get the estate or property he wants professionals to manage. You must also let him understand that you are a professional in your business, that will however show in the cover letter send along line with the proposal that tells the years of experience.

Have A Corporate Address

The most attractive thing to a prospective client is when you place yourself in a strategic location that will make your business visible and allows your him to have trust in you. Your office address makes your business easier, traceable and let it look more corporate than starting it from home. You must also have at least a secretary that will also serve as a receptionist in your office, so as to receive and retain customers.

Show-off Your Brand Through Your USP

To get the attention of your target customers and make yourself heard, you need to do more of publicity through your unique selling proposition. You must brand and package yourself in such a way that your competitors will see you glowing and shinning. If you don’t do it for anything, please do it for your competitors and most particularly, your clients. Bring in many market approve that will make you to get in touch and the in heart of your target clients in your location and outside your location.
Your Proposed clients are looking for your USP before they can do business with you. Advertising your name and your unique selling point is essential, make yourself known by the most important and influential people in the society. Your can place your adverts on social media, online forums, free online market sites, newspapers, local radios, etc. You can also place your name on yellow pages both online and offline, for easier visibility.

Prepare For Challenges And Expect Positive Results

The most crucial state is when clients starts trooping in to doing business with you. Note, most of these property owners are either professionals, professors, intelligent and full of knowledge, with the ability to weigh you down. Try and face the challenges at all cost, so as to win their heart. Your most interesting challenge could be the agreement signed between you and the new client (property owner), which might include, your percentage from the total amount, management fee, facility terms(either it should be financed by the owner or by you), quit notice condition to tenants, management fees, damages/caution fees, etc. All these are always stated in the agreement form.
At this stage, you should be talking about business and having properties to manage under your portfolio. The way you place yourself is the way people will see you. You must visit the site or property, take pictures, value the property, ask for necessary documents (letter of  attorney, Government right of ownership, local authority attestation, etc, given to the owner), and so on. Manage the property and the client well, such client can still refer another good client with a bigger property to you. So you need to understand that, your high sense of accountability and integrity is very much needed at stage.
The next stage is marketing your properties and the tips for gaining more potential clients and customers. If you wan’t to know, please follow this article.

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