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Bead making is a skill that can be learned without any difficulty. It does not involve too much stress. It is also easy to learn and less time consuming. The materials that are required in making beads are very cheap and very easy to get. 

One good thing about bead making is that, you can learn how to make beads on your own and still be very good at it without having to attend any special training class. The only thing you will need is a good instruction manual or guidelines like the information contained in this write-up. 

When you attend occasions like weddings, traditional festivals, and even corporate events, you will agree with me that beads have become a trending part of nowadays fashion and lifestyle. Especially for women. Such that, if you decide to start making beads, not just for yourself alone, but commercially, you won’t run into loss. You can work or school and still do bead making along side whatever you are doing and use the returns from selling the beads to support yourself financially.

There is no specific location for making beads. This means that you can make the beads from the comfort of your home or even when you are less busy at work. For tips on how to start bead making business, click here.

There are just a few basic steps you need to know when learning how to make beads. Then you can use the knowledge you have acquired in making various types of beads such as wire works and beaded necklaces. You may not get the skill properly at the beginning but with constant practice, you can be sure that you will soon become a professional in bead making.

Before you can start making the beads, you will need to get some necessary materials like: cutters, round nose pliers, scissors, hooks, stoppers, beads of various colors, strings, flexible beading wire and beading thread, needles.

After getting the materials, the following are the steps you should take:

Step 1

Decide on the length of the fishing line that you want to use for the bead. Measure the wire and cut it with the cutter. The length of the fishing line you will cut depends on the style of the necklace you are going to make. But, be sure to add a few inches for the clasp/hook. 

Step 2

Start by holding the fishing line you have cut on your left and right hand (How you thread the beads and the number of beads you string per time depends on the design you are trying to make) and push one bead to the left and one bead to the right of the fishing line until it gets to the number of beads you desire. you can interchange the colors of the beads to create a unique design of your choice.

Step 3

After stringing the fishing line with the beads, add the stopper (two on the left and another two on the right side of the bead). Then fix the chain hook. don’t pull the fishing line too tight. Leave a little space in between the beads so that the necklace will not look too rigid or triangular in shape, but it will have a round look instead. 

Step 4

When you are done threading the beads onto the fishing line, along with the stopper, and you’ve finished fixing the hook, push the remaining fishing line into the hole of a few number of beads through the hook and the stopper so that the beads can not easily fall off the line. 

Step 5

The final step is to clip the fishing line with your round nose pliers to hold the bead in place and your necklace bead is ready to wear.

This is just a guideline for learning how to make beads. After you have mastered these techniques, it will be a lot more easier to make beads of various styles/designs and to even diversify into making other clothing accessories like earrings, bracelets and purses with beads.

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