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You can make over 1 million naira this season storing and reselling red palm oil and I am going to show you exactly how to do it. It’s not difficult at all; in fact it is one of the easiest business you can do in Nigeria and make quick money within four months. I happen to know places in Nigeria where you can get this product at cheap prices and place where you can sell it at good price, I am going to make everything clear to you on this post…

What is Red Palm Oil? Red palm oil is natural oil extract from palm three fruit. You and I knows the importance of red palm oil in Nigeria. No home that doesn’t cook with it and no tribe or religion that forbids it. It is generally accepted and widely used, not only in Nigeria but around the world.


Using palm oil for cooking has greater health benefits over the vegetable oil as it is said to have high concentration of vitamin E in the finest proportion. Your body tends to get better health benefits as a result of the vitamin E present in the red palm oil rather than taking a commercial vitamin E capsule. It is also rich in carotene and possess strong healing power.

Why Trade On Red Palm Oil

Nigeria Red Palm Oil

Red Palm Oil

Palm oil is one of the commodity constantly in high demand in Nigeria. There is never a time it wouldn’t be a hot cake in the market and it is consumed at the same rate as rice and garri. Palm oil is currently sold in Lagos and other major cities across the country at N6,000 for 25liters but if you go to the farm areas where it is produced in quantity, you can get the same 25liters at N4,000.

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There are even a time of the year you may get this product at N2,500 – N3,000 per 25litres. If you can get it in quantity during the time of surplus and store it for some months, you will sell at 100% profit. It is usually surplus around December to April and sells at the highest around July to September.

If you invest N500,000 and wait for 4 months, you will be making profit of another N500,000 without any substantial effort. That is a good deal by all standard and the more money you invest, the more profit you make.

If you decides to trade all season, that will even be better. All you need to do is to find out where it’s being processed in much quantity and buy at cheap price from there, transport it to the city and sell at good price, repeat your journey as often as you can and make money all year round.

How To Trade On Palm Oil Commodity

1. Secure a Shop – You will need a shop or any safe place for storage. If you have your own house, that will be nice, just dedicate one room for the storage. However, it will be better if you can rent a shop specifically for it preferably near the market.


Gallons Red Palm Oil Ready For Market

2. Look for Places to Buy – There are many places you can get palm oil very cheap and in great quantity in Nigeria. It is available in bulk in various parts of Ondo State.It is also available in Edo State but the king of original, high quality palm oil is Ebonyi State.Travel round the states and source from the various local markets and local palm oil processors.

Transport Your Goods – If you have your own truck or van, that will be fantastic but if not, you’d have to make do with hiring. Buy everything you want to buy, get a truck to transport it to your base and store it in your shop.

Sell Your Goods – Wait until the price goes up then you open your shop and sell at a  very good price. It is a perfect way to invest money instead of keeping it to the bank with peanut paid as interest on fix deposit. It is like buying property and reselling at higher prices later.

If you need additional information on this, drop me a comment below and I will attend to it promptly.

If you know any other places where this item could be gotten cheap and in great quantity, tell us using the comment box below.

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  • Anonymous August 22, 2013

    This one business I have been thinking about. thanks for bringing to light

    • Enema June 27, 2016

      great one i based in kaduna state and i want to start red oil business i will need supplier from any where i store oil last year and is a good business now i want to have a shop and start selling the product

      • you can contact me as I trade in palm oil but what is the buying price at Kaduna. I sell at lagos but i source from the farmgate at Neger Delta. If you want to do the business at Kaduna look for buyers at and get prices and email me

        • GODSWILL August 16, 2016

          HELLO Zikan Ventures & Concepts LTD. i want to do palm oil distribution business and i want to distribute. How do i go about it. i am willing to invest up to N3MILLION NAIRA in the business

      • Adeyemi July 21, 2016

        I have palm oil in large quantity from Ondo state. Can supply to anywhere in Nigeria. Its see and buy. Send me a mail:

        • Wale July 25, 2016

          I am based in Lagos. We can transact viz on the palm oil..I can buy quantity.. Let me know u better .pls give me details about your selling price, ur location, ur watsapp line if u line is

        • shila September 17, 2016

          please i do nid some1 to supply palmol to me here in lagos at a cheap rate . u can send a msg to my mail will b expecting to here fromy ou soon

          • kay November 10, 2016

            hello shila. i do have some quantity to sell .what number can i reach you on if you still need?

        • yemiorekunringold October 18, 2016

          where is your location in ondo state ?

        • Kiezodumah April 29, 2017

          adeyemi….reach me on my email..i need to go into dis asap

      • richycares December 30, 2016

        hello am Richard Okwashi i base in Lagos i export palm oil direct from my state Cross- river if you are interested you can contact me on

      • jenniferch3 February 10, 2017

        hello there if you are still looking for suppliers in palm oil, do contact me. I am based in abuja but have links to local palm oil of the highest quality in Abia state and Ebonyi

      • PalmkaSalesHarcourt June 8, 2017

        enema,call me 09071459163 our own is inside sachet …we want to sell now now….

    • Hello, please I am interested in the palm oil business. Let’s discuss. My contact is 08082717890. Thanks

  • Anonymous September 15, 2013

    Thanks alot for this biz money making machine window you have open for us interested in agricultural products. Sir pls hw can I get in touch with people that export or buy palm oil in large qunatity.

  • Anonymous September 19, 2013

    Nice write up. Am really interested in this palm oil biz, pls any specific town in ondo state where I can buy palm oil in large quantity? Thank you.

    • Darlinton Omeh September 19, 2013

      Bamikimo Oja, Bamikimo, Ile-Oluji LGA – After Ondo town. I don't know how the market is now but as at last time I went there, the market was booming with so many things including palm oil.

      • Mukky May 3, 2017

        Hi, please what is your facebook name? I intend to go into this business but having problem of where to get my oil from because of my location. I am considering the transportation. What advice can you give?

  • Anonymous September 19, 2013

    Wonderful write up. God Bless U. Amen

  • Hendrix O September 22, 2013

    darlinton do you have a phone number that i can reach you on?

  • Hendrix O September 22, 2013

    can i get your number darlington? or are u on facebook?

  • Oramalu O September 23, 2013

    where can one sell the product in nigeria

  • adophy uche September 24, 2013

    good day mr darlington,i saw this post and i say thank you,because i have been looking for information,but i will need to get across to you privately,if you dont mind,please send me your email address so we can communicate.thank you

  • Anonymous September 26, 2013

    Thank u for such encouraging information. Sir like how much capital can sum1 use 2 start dis business

  • Anonymous September 27, 2013

    Mr. Darlington, I am encouraged by your write-ups. Please do you have any idea of how long the oil can be stored without loosing its quality before the time to resell it? Also, which container is appropriate for the storage, it a plastic can or metal drum? I will really appreciate your response on this. Thanks

    • Darlinton Omeh September 27, 2013

      It can be stored for up to a year. Use plastic containers similar to the ones you see on this post

  • Otonye October 1, 2013

    Thank you so much Mr Omeh . I really do appreciate your simplicity in dealing with these things. one time I suggested this business to my sister, she simply shunned me, said money paid on my school fees is abt to waste. Now I am better informed and motivated. my question is : how long can d oil be stored in in what kind of container?.

  • Augustine Ogunwa October 2, 2013

    am sorry for that for my number and my mail please kindly delete the post thanks

  • Augustine Ogunwa October 2, 2013

    i wish to start my own palm oil business, please if you know any one who sales in large quantity please let me know thanks.

    • Darlinton Omeh October 2, 2013

      The best time to start is between November and February when the harvest is at the peak. But you can start now if you want.

  • Augustine Ogunwa October 3, 2013

    In Nigeria which state produce palm red oil must and to have 25Lts what is the cost?

  • Anonymous October 8, 2013

    Thanks so much Darlinton, I'm really inspired; may God bless u richly. Please where can palm oil b sold to make more profit? thanks once again.

  • Abbey Gbenga October 9, 2013

    I must say this is a masterpiece. Well done!

    I have a business plan on palm oil processing and the prospects are very high.

    This is an extract from my proposal:

    Sales Projection
    Presently, market price of palm oil ranges between 220 and 250 naira per litre. For the purpose of market penetration and acceptance, we plan selling at 4,375(25litres) to distributors so as to allow them a good profit margin. Therefore we will sell at 175/litre. Also the present palm kernel price is N50/kilogram and our weekly turnout of palm kernel is 2960kg, therefore there will be 11840kg per month.

    Working Capital (Monthly)
    Raw Materials 2,000,000.00
    Fuel 400,000.00
    Packaging 120,000.00
    Lubricant & Sundry Expenses 9,580.00
    Telephone 8,000.00
    Marketing Expenses 24,000.00
    Electricity 5,000.00
    Salaries and Wages 390,000.00
    Stationeries 2,000.00
    Miscellaneous Expenses 5,600.00
    Total Expenses 2,114,180.00

    Description Qty Rate Amount
    Palm oil 40,000litres 175 7,000,000.00
    Palm kernel 11,840kg 50 592,000.00

    Anyone interested in getting the complete proposal or advisory services on setting up production sites in any part of Nigeria can contact me

    Thank you.

    Balogun Abbey O.

    • Anonymous October 29, 2013

      Abbey how can i get in touch with you

    • Anonymous January 4, 2014

      nice write up on how to set up palm oil production. I noticed you didnt put the price of the machine and also you email address to contact you.
      Include your email address of contact so i can discuss with you.

    • Adam Jamoh January 4, 2014

      hello i have reviewed your write up on the subject, i have interest setting up the production site in Kaduna state. lets partner in this. you can contact me

    • gbenga oluwole February 14, 2014

      you have a good business proposal but, you don't mention the cost of land and machine. can contact me to discuss further because i have interest in your proposal.

    • Anonymous April 1, 2014

      hey Abbey, please i need your phone number or your email address …

    • nancy March 12, 2016

      Am interested in the business .

    • Ovie precious Oghogho June 2, 2016

      Abby, am interested how can get in touch with you

    • emmy June 25, 2016

      Can I have your contacts

    • Chuks July 24, 2016

      Hey I am chuks by name and I want to start palm oil business in lagos I had it in mind for so many years now I want to start it next month were I am getting it s from delta for 7000 naira for 25liters and I will be transporting from there to lagos for about 15k for 10 galon I want to know we’re is sold in high price in lagos and how much is sold in lagos now for 25liters tanks and god bless you

      • Mosunmola September 12, 2016

        Thanks a lot for this platform Mr Darlington. Hello Chuks, how did you eventually go about the buying and transporting of palm oil to lagos, i hope you dont mind sharing your findings with me. I am having a problem with buying and transporting to lagos too. I also hope delta’s palm oil is as good as that of ebonyi, because after reading all the coments here, i understand that ebonyi has the best palm oil.

        Would be expecting a reply from you.

  • Anonymous October 15, 2013

    Hello Dalinton, you have inspired me , I have lived in London all my life, planning o come home, but don know what to do, now you have open me to many ideals, very happy , and God bless you

  • Anonymous October 17, 2013

    God bless you darlington,i have little experience on this business,is very lucrative.From east abia to be precise they have got a bush market in isiala ngwa were i use to go and purchase them.Goodluck to whoever that has this biz in mind,cheers.

  • Anonymous October 18, 2013

    Just simply wanna say; You are Great! May God replenish you and provide you with more ideas. Thanks a great deal………

  • Johnbull Eghreriniovo October 20, 2013

    I am really impressed by the above figures. I want us to developed it further. Could you please contact me I want to invest in it.

    Johnbull Eghreriniovo

  • Anonymous October 27, 2013

    Hello my name is Bidemi your blog is very informative. Please i need to know what is the minimum that is need to be exported and at what price.Do you have contact to export the palm oil and to which country.

  • Anonymous October 27, 2013

    Please where in edo state nd ebonyi can one get palm oil to buy

  • Oluchi Joss October 30, 2013

    Thank you so much Mr Omeh,
    I really need to start this business, but please in which market or state do you think someone can sell it in higher price ? Pls i need ur respond to help me plan well. Thanks

    • Darlinton Omeh October 30, 2013

      You can get very good palm oil in surplus at the local markets in Ebony State. They have the finest palm oil on earth. Local areas in Edo state also have it but as much as it is in Ebony state to the best of my knowledge

      • Teddy May 16, 2016

        Mr. Darlington. (1) where can one find local mills or markets where processed palm oil can be bought in large quantity for resell. (2) What is the current price of 200 liter and 25 litres of the product.

  • Bridget Diemue October 31, 2013

    Thank for the write up. Am really interested in this palm oil biz, pls any specific town in Edo state where I can buy palm oil in large quantity and the best place to sell it in higher price? Thank you.

  • Bridget Diemue October 31, 2013

    Thank for the write up. Am really interested in this palm oil biz, pls any specific town in Edo state where I can buy palm oil in large quantity and the best place to sell it in higher price? Thank you.

    • Darlinton Omeh October 31, 2013

      One of the best place to sell at higher price is Lagos. I don't know where in particular you can get it cheap in Edo but I know there is a place they

  • STEPHEN IYOYO November 1, 2013

    pls where in particular community can i get this palm oil in Eboyin state?

  • Florence Brooks November 3, 2013

    Thank you so much and God bless you, am a Cameroonian can I sell in Nigeria,?

  • Femi Titiloye November 10, 2013

    Mr Darlinton. Good job. Please is there any preservative method needed in preserving the Palm Oil from harvest period till selling period? If any care method to take kindly let us know.

  • Adisa Oluwasegun November 14, 2013

    Mr dalington.Good job dia pls.God will reward all ur efforts in educating us.Wia in lagos can i sell my palm oil in good profti?

  • onyinye mercy November 20, 2013

    Am in intrested in this business but my problem is the transportation charges from ebony state to lagos might take my whole gain. I want start with about 15 gallons and no need of hiring a truck 4 now. What ll I do? Pls put me through.

    • Mosunmola September 12, 2016

      Hello Onyinye, how is the business going?, how did you eventually go about the buying and transporting of palm oil to lagos from Ebonyi, i hope you dont mind sharing your findings with me. I am having a problem with buying and transporting to lagos too.

      Would be expecting a reply from you.

  • margaret December 10, 2013

    pls, what month of the year can you get it very cheap

  • Anonymous December 13, 2013

    Samuel is my name,concerning this business,I need the cost of transporting 100 25litres kegs from ebonyi to lagos and where in ebonyi can I buy palm oil

    • Mosunmola September 12, 2016

      Hello samuel, I’m Mosunmola. I hope the business is going well. Please can you share with me some informations on how you eventually transported 100 25litres of palm oil from ebonyi to lagos. And also where in ebonyi you purchased the palm oil.

      I will be expecting a reply from you

  • Anonymous December 17, 2013

    nice one! please how do i contact you?They also have palm oil in high quantity in my village, odo iju village in ilesha,Osun state. I dont know if the price/quality is better than the ones from Ebonyi and Ondo.

  • Anonymous January 2, 2014

    hi it is adviceable to join market union in order to see in bulk

  • Anonymous January 3, 2014

    Pls can u tell me the range for transporting palm oil from ondo to Lagos

  • Adams Mustapha January 17, 2014

    on point… jah bless

  • Kalada Peterside January 19, 2014

    Mr Darlington, big up's, from what u wrote, there is no much risk involved,which is what every one likes, is there any other business which is a close relative to Palm oil u no, and which country can one export to

  • NEWTON February 2, 2014

    Do u need to re-cook the oil during storage

  • Anonymous February 3, 2014

    Thanks Mr Omeh for d write-up. Pls wats d minimum amount for some1 who is starting d biz? Just need a gud plan on this. Thanks!

  • Anonymous February 3, 2014

    Thanks Mr Omeh for d write-up. Pls wats d minimum amount for some1 who is starting d biz? Just need a gud plan on this. Thanks!

  • Anonymous February 3, 2014

    I need someone to partner with.
    Prince Heney!!

  • NEWTON February 3, 2014

    Is there any difference between local and agric palm oil?do you store them the same way?

  • NEWTON February 3, 2014

    I'm interested in getting advisory in setting up production site in Imo state,i will like to know how we can see and start immediately.

  • Eggsnet Nigeria February 6, 2014

    thank you very much sir, for this great ideas, you have made my day, sir i have this passion of have a very large palm oil business, but how to start has always been my challenge, sir please i will like to get your contact, if possible sir, that will be of great value to my live, sir please give me that opportunity, of having your contact, you can send me your Email address sir, thanks and God bless u sir

    • Darlinton Omeh February 6, 2014

      Eggsnet, I am LOL at the number of sir's 😀 I am just a simple man like you. Thank you for the interest, you can contact me through Facebook, send me a friend request on fb. Thank you!

  • Anonymous March 3, 2014

    Please how much capital can we use to start this business. Secondly, can it be successful as a part-time business because i work? waiting for your response

  • Anonymous March 7, 2014

    Pls I have good palm oil for sale,in imo state and I need buyers,incase if anyone is interested pls call me

  • Anonymous March 26, 2014

    Cheap Farmland for sale in Ogbomoso Oyo state @
    N50,000 per acre! Excellent for palm and other crops

    • Stella August 3, 2016

      Hi, pls i just came across this sight is the land still available and at what price?

  • Anonymous March 28, 2014

    My brother, Darlinton u have done a very good job opening and enlightening our eyes on this particular business. I think good palm oil is also sold at Nsukka area in Enugu state. I really need this business in another dimension. Tnx a lot.

    • Darlinton Omeh April 2, 2014

      You are welcome. I think Nsukka have good palm oil but not as much as in Ebony state. Anyone can source from any of the locations

  • Anonymous April 1, 2014

    Were Are The Best Places To Sell This Product

  • Eniola Kehinde April 24, 2014

    Thank you Darlington, I have been blessed by your post, May God bless you back beyond what your human imagination can contain IJN. Ile-Oluji in Ondo State is another place where good palm oil can be sourced at a cheap price.

    • Darlinton Omeh April 24, 2014

      Eniola, thank you for appreciating what we do here. You are very correct about the Ile-Oluji, it's a place I've lived before and I know much about the area. Bamikimo Market is a good sources of fresh palm oil any day.

    • Mukky May 3, 2017

      Hello Eniola Kehinde.
      I would love to go into this business. I reside in Lagos and would love to get from somewhere closer to me because of transportation. Please can you guide me on how to get it from Ile-Oluji. Mr Darlington, your input is needed as well. Please… Thank you.

  • Anonymous May 26, 2014

    How can you secure buyers who buy in large quantity if you have an oil producing company ?

  • Anonymous June 2, 2014

    you only talk about profit and you never talk about loose , no business on earth did not have season , gentel men , your ideal is ok but to be honest it is not Gold as you define, I have been in Palm oil trade for 20 years , if you did not know the trade it is loose of money and also you might be unlucky purchase bad test oil , which no body will purchase from you , understand we have 3 type of oil market , please look before you reap

    • Obosa Igho June 15, 2014

      Hello. You could further educate us by explaining to us what the 3 types of oil markets are.

    • Austin April 16, 2016

      I appreciate your write up, can u shed more light on the three types of oil market?my Num is

  • Anonymous June 3, 2014

    I love this business and i would like to go into it fully but i do not want to only buy, hoard and sell when the price goes up.I would like to have a shop and sell the product all year round.i would like to buy and package into smaller bottles with my label on the containers just like groundnut oil is packaged and i will open to customers all year round.My question is how can i do this business and still have maximum profit,is it worth doing it this way

  • Adeniyi Tajudeen Adebayo June 10, 2014

    Nice and true prospect here.I am a palm oil miller based in Edo State. For a serious biz minded person, I am ready to be supplying he who have interest in buying palm oil in moderate and large quatity.
    Also am a consultant on oil palm plantation and other agronomic establishment.

  • Anonymous June 14, 2014

    Mr.Eniola I have a lot of questions to ask you about this business,Because I really need your help about it.I will contact you on Monday

  • Obosa Igho June 15, 2014

    Thanks Darlington for this timely write up. Please do you know where I can purchase a storage tank to store my palmoil and the price it goes for?

  • Anonymous June 15, 2014

    Pls. Am interested, today I was discussing with somebody who was giving me the idea bt know am satisfied.

  • Udoka July 30, 2014

    Hi Darlinton, I'm so impressed by your write ups and would like to discuss more on one of the posts. I just sent you a friend request on fb

  • Anonymous August 8, 2014

    Hello everyone, i just bought 6 (25 litres) of palm oil from my village in Nkanu East, Enugu. I want to start small by venturing into this biz. My intention is to package it into 2litres containers with a label on it. My question is can i supply to suppermarkets without a Nafdac number?

  • Anonymous August 13, 2014

    am also interested in this biz. Pls, with how much can i start d biz. Thanks.

  • Meira August 15, 2014

    Thanks se bunch, you are simply a darling, well done and keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous August 30, 2014

    How do I sell this goods considering the competition in the market

  • Anonymous September 12, 2014

    Hi Mr.Darlinton,
    I appreciate your good work, keep it up.

    However, I would like to know how I can purchase your book on Starting a Poutry Biz, precisely for EGG production


  • Anonymous October 1, 2014

    sir i will like to know how i can start this business

  • gstorexx October 20, 2014

    I have been following this topic since last year and I have digest lots of knowledge thank you Mr Dalington for sharing this to everyone.

    My question is what does take or where do I register to be a certified palmoil trader?? To have license

  • Anonymous October 24, 2014

    80,stands of palm tree, farm for 10yrs lease in imo state with C oF O contact notify me for more info

  • Anonymous November 3, 2014

    Am martins am looking for pattrrns to supply rich red palm oil from Imo state at a wholesale prices both for individuals and for industrial purposes you notify me for more details

  • Anonymous November 8, 2014

    Thank you a lot.
    Now I see wealth too close to me without my knowledge.
    i held from Ebonyi state and can easily get traders or suppliers who can get this products across to me with or without my present during transactions with a good bargain. Truly, my eyes are open.

    thanks brother

  • Anonymous December 22, 2014

    I have started the biz, it's just awesome!!!
    May God bless you, Mr. Darlington.

  • Anonymous January 15, 2015

    Thanks for this peice.

    Mr. Adeniyi Tajudeen, can i have you contact details?

  • Anonymous January 26, 2015

    Many thanks Darlinton, God bless you so much.. Coincidentally, this business kept me thinking all day yesterday.

    Please give me your contact lets discuss further.

  • Ayomipo Kadri May 11, 2015

    Great piece there! This is a great blog! Will start soon but egg distribution still on my mind!

  • Anonymous June 4, 2015

    Thank U so much for this,am really interested in this business,if I get 2 buy now,can I still get for cheap rices and which areas in edo can I get good quality palm oil and can I also start wif like #50,000?…..tnx

  • Lateef June 9, 2015

    Great post! Nice idea!

  • Anonymous July 16, 2015


  • Anonymous November 24, 2015

    Good Afternoon everyone in this blog,i just view palm oil market price and i saw this interesting topic on the internet
    i decided to view it mr Darlinton am in press with your encouragement and this words you share on this blog, am grateful sir.
    many Nigeria youth, have some many plan and idea of business to do but not know how to go about it ,also don't have anyone to encourage them . my viewing palm oil price this afternoon on internet is not a west , sir how will i get your contact am a young lady who is struggling on how to survive ,pls am tired of small small white Cole job, which i have been thinking on how to go about this red oil business ,i have even draw my proposal but don't know how to go about it, thank God for such an opportunity mr Darlinton omeh Almighty God we richly bless you.
    i have is red oil at plater of gold but don't know how to go about it.
    pls i will like you to in lighting me more on how to go about it. pls let talk more on facebook or email privately.
    i look forward to hear from you, thank you sir, best regards.

  • joy joy Igonor November 29, 2015

    Hi! Thanks for the info. Pls . Where can I buy palm oil in bulk in delta state? Precisely warri.

  • Unknown December 1, 2015

    This is good. Can i have your phone number?

  • Celestine January 6, 2016

    Dear All,

    The writer of this piece couldn’t have written it any simpler or better for anyone to understand the basics of palm oil business. I have read through the comments as well from the various contributors, and one thing that must be said is that, the writer laid emphasis on only one of the finished products – that is, processed/refined palm oil.

    More or less, coming in as a “glorified middleman” after the growers and plantation owners have done the difficult bit of planting, cultivating, weeding etc.

    Then, there is the bit about waiting up to 5 years (for hybrid palm seedlings or up to 8 years for the local breed) following a regime of continuous spending and investment – in land, palm seedlings, fertilizer, labour, constant weeding and fighting of grass cutters (they love the taste of the palm tree leaves) etc before you even begin to see a kobo in returns.

    Let’s be real, the above is not all that glamorous or for the faint hearted – but if you are able to see past this, then, and only then, you may be up to a winner.

    My company is just at the tipping edge now, having sowed long and hard for 5 years+.

    Last year saw the first set which we planted in 2011 start to yield its first palm fruits, but as experts advice, you don’t really take that as the real McCoy. You let that first set ripen, wither, rot and fall off without harvesting.

    After which, the next set (this year’s produce) comes back in double force – bigger, better and juicier – then, you start to harvest it, and so shall it be for the next 70 to 120 years (average life span of a palm tree).

    Do you then go on to spend millions of Naira equipping your factory with milling machines, infrastructure, water, electricity, storage, labour, security etc and source buyers as well or do you settle to sell to middlemen as the writer suggested – possibly in an unrefined state as palm fruit bunches – at least, until a time that you have recouped some of your “never ending costs” and set up your own mill…? That’s a million dollar question.

    There are various entry points or possibilities for middlemen to come – as they say, there is enough oil (and profits) to go round.

    If you are out there and you have realistic aspirations of coming in as a middleman and partnering with my company based on well drafted and executed MoU, you may just live the dream of being in the palm oil business.

    No time wasters will be entertained, neither will any tutorial about the business be offered.

    This is just purely an invitation to one or two individuals out there with real prospects of venturing into this business.

    More information will be given to shortlisted candidates, however, we are based in the Agbara area of Lagos State, off the Badagry Express Road – with easy access to markets and industries that will need palm oil produce not just as edible oils but for industrial, cosmetics and biofuels…the list of uses of palm products is endless, hence, it is referred to as “the tree of life”.

    We are looking for a maximum of two middlemen for a massive plantation.

    Send in a brief profile, aspirations etc the more information the better, as only shortlisted persons will be contacted.

    • Darlinton Omeh January 6, 2016

      What a great comment, unfortunately, we don’t allow email addresses and phone numbers on comments. The best thing is to put down your farm location so that any interested person could come in there and see. Thank you!

      • Celestine January 6, 2016

        Well Sir, as you know, in the society we live in, that is certainly not practical – as in, putting the farm location here, so anyone and everyone should turn up, willy nilly.

        But then again, we appreciate you have rules and regulations you apply in running your website, which is respectable.

        It is however a pity that we are not allowed to publish our email address in this forum with a view to empowering would-be entrepreneurs – which it would have been assumed, was the whole essence of this write up in the first instance.

        All the best.


        • Patrick January 23, 2016

          Good information. I have a small African store overseas and I have been looking for ways to get at least 100 25 liters of quality palm oil from Nigeria. Any help is appreciated. I have been buying the ones from Ghana but my customers prefer the Nigerian ones. Good article. Thanks

          • Iroko Akinola February 2, 2016

            @Patrick…I can simply become your middle man helping you source for it ion Nigeria, you can get in touch with me…I know email is not allowed here…this my email address: extraincomexpert at gmail dot com
            Would be willing to help, thanks

      • Prisca N February 25, 2016

        I am so motivated by this blog. Mr Dalinton, God bless and keep you for us IJN. Pls, can I start this biz with little capital say (100k), will I still make and easily have buyers? Pls I will appreciate you candid reply. Thnks a lot

        • Darlinton Omeh February 25, 2016

          Yes, you can start with N100k. Palm oil is a very essential commodity in Nigeria, getting buyers is never the difficult part.

  • chinenye February 3, 2016

    Hi Patrick If you need high quality palm oil from Nsukka, Enugu State in a large quantity, then consider me as your Nigerian middle man. You can contact me at chinnybekwe at gmail dot com.
    Mr Darlington please publish my post. I know email is not allowed.

  • onyekwelu February 26, 2016

    thats my mail below will like u to educate me more on the palm oil biz

  • Stella March 2, 2016

    Good morning pls .. I have plam oils to supply … But i need a buyer .. Am in lagos

  • Maris March 7, 2016

    hi omeh! i intended starting the palm oil biz dis month , i went to AKWA IBOM STATE were i was told by a friend that her uncle has a large palm farm if i give him a sum as as a loan he gives me the palm farm to manage as long as i want to, den wen i need ma money it will be given back to me, i den ask how big is d palm farm n we both travelled to c it as it, it was not as big as i thought n d money he needs was high. cos, if i give such money d expenses alone to bring down d palm fruit is so high after my calculation and 20 heads of palm fruits alone produces 1 gallon of palm oil.
    pls i want to know were i can get good palm oil at a cheaper price. tanks. started wit my ugu business already

  • jojo March 14, 2016

    thanks for this peice i would like to start this business with 100k so do i need to go to ebonyi to buy with this amount?

  • jojo March 14, 2016

    i would like to use 100k for this business but will it be profitable to buy in ebonyi with this amount

  • Onyeamuma March 17, 2016

    Where can I get the palm oil market in eboyi state sir?

  • David March 18, 2016

    We are dealers of palm oil , you can contact us now for the quantity needed

  • Femmy March 23, 2016

    Kudos Mr. Darlington for this wonderful information. It is very enlightening and motivating. We need true leaders like you to grow and develop this nation. With your write-ups, you have proofed and shown that truely, there are thousands of jobs available around us from which any serious-minded could pick, rather than just going about with loads of certificates looking for white-collar jobs that are not even existing. The Palm Oil business is one of them.
    May God in His infinite mercies continue to bless and enrich you.

  • Monique March 25, 2016

    Oil business is a good business. Have been into the business for a while now and I must say it’s been very profitable and interesting.I sell and also supply in small and large me if you need oil.

  • Adegoke Adebisi April 10, 2016

    I have been trying over some times now to go into palm produce business, but reading your post now I now realised that palm oil business is the major one.
    Pls contact me with your e-mail and phone number ASAP.

  • Tyokighir April 14, 2016

    Let me give it a trial. Thanks

  • uche April 17, 2016

    Nice post. At least, i now know where to invest. Thank you.

  • Ubi April 18, 2016

    I really appreciate your effort. please I will like to know one or two places in Ebony I state where one can get these palm oil… thanks. UBI.

  • bolaji April 20, 2016

    I manage close to 100 hectares of palm oil plantation at Govt land Oke Odan Eyekanse axis of Ogun State,about or less than one hour drive from lagos. Darlington has done a good job. To be honest, its better to buy palm oil, store and resell than advising to go into palm plantation. The price per 25litres went as high as 9000 naira few months ago and we sold as cheap as 4500 to 4700 naira middle last year. Since we run daily expenses, we also have to sell cheap even though we know if we can store it, we can make far better profit in couple of months.Anyway,our quality of palm oil will surprise You, made from improved tenera palm spp.if you are chanced, just come around, get a sample and that will answer a million and one questions.

    • Joseph – Abakus April 21, 2016

      Hi Bolaji,

      This is Joseph. Can u give me a call on (numbers and emails are not allowed)?. And let talk in respect of your oil product.

      Will be expecting your call.


    • julius asoh May 8, 2016

      pls sir, can you give a description on how someone can locate the farm, or give a number to call

    • comfort June 28, 2016

      Bolaji can u give a description on how to locate u at Ogun state

    • Olayinka July 24, 2016

      Mr Bolaji,please send d description on how to get to ur palm oil farm… Mr Darlington, thanks for the biz info, God will continue to increase u in all positive ways. Amen

    • Mukky May 3, 2017

      How do I reach you please? Mr Bolaji. I need to get palm oil

  • Monsieur Udoh Ubong April 25, 2016

    Mr Bolaji

    pls can we connect outside of here to discuss further.

    you can reach on fb.

  • Chikezie Evans April 27, 2016

    Tank u sir for weting my apetite in dis palm oil bussines.I love d information.But is it possible to get ur phone no for more inquiries.U are touching by dis means.

  • Chikezie Evans April 27, 2016

    Sir I need ur phone more inquiries.

  • decopyist April 27, 2016

    Can someone start palm oil business with 25k and please Mr. Darlinton Omeh how can i get the contact of palm oil dealers in Ebonyi State?
    I sent you a message in FB but you directed me to whereas in one of your replies above you encouraged someone to contact you via FB , so what did i do wrong?

    • Darlinton Omeh April 27, 2016

      You can start with any amount you have but remember the higher your investment the more and better profit you make. Sorry and don’t have contacts of palm oil sellers.

      • ibama March 29, 2017

        I am based in Port Harcourt. I want to start palm oil business. I need more information on where exactly to get the product, cost, other logistics involved. Candid response is required. Thanks so much.

  • Ezenwuba Uchenna April 28, 2016

    I appreciate what u explain I think that some people or even government do not find interest in agriculture that help to boost the economic. please how can l get loan from bank without collateral to also build standard palm oil factory.

  • Ezenwuba Uchenna April 28, 2016

    thank for ur advice

  • Itunu Omotayo April 28, 2016

    Can someone advice on how and where to sell in Lagos.
    I’m planning to package in 1 litre plastic bottles and resell.

  • fabian Nnaji May 2, 2016

    Can someone link me up with people from Jos or any part of Nigeria who i can do this oil business with….
    My phone number is
    I’m Fabian by name

  • julius asoh May 8, 2016

    sir, i will like to know the countries that it can be exported to and the current price sale in export field. and for to be having up dates on fresh products when available.

  • Chuks May 9, 2016

    I will like to know the price of each 25 litter, in each verious state in nigeria

  • Nzube May 14, 2016

    Thnks to wealthresult for this great informtion. I want palm oil supply in commercial quantity. Please do you have a good contact that will supply me from imo,ebonyi or eastern states? Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

    • Dare Sam May 18, 2016

      Hello. I am into palm oil, PKN, PKN supply to exporters. I can supply 30,000 litres a week. Let’s discuss if you are a serious buyer. Thanks

      • samuel chukwuka July 12, 2016

        Hello Sam my name is Sam as well. Can you really do 30k liters? If your answer is yes please contact me on atcarat at y-a-h-o-o dot com ASAP.

    • Dare Sam May 18, 2016

      Hello, Nzube. I can supply you at least 30,000 litres of Palm Oil each week. Also, we have PKN, PKO in exportable quantities.

    • PstSunday May 21, 2017

      Hello i have 100 galons of fresh palm oil from calaba are u still interested in buying so i can supply you asap . 08095095220

  • Pemisire May 15, 2016

    I pray that almighty will be the guide of everyone who is interested in venturing into this business. Pls let us gather enough information with prayer that god should have his will done before starting the business

  • patrick May 27, 2016

    we export to any part of the world.

    • Magnus July 11, 2016

      Mr. Patrick, do you need a Palm oil supplier? I can do that and where is your location, if possible?

  • joseph odinaka May 31, 2016

    Sir were can one by palm oil cheapest to sell in abuja also how much is 25lrt cost now sir

  • joseph odinaka May 31, 2016

    Please with a minimum of how much can one start the plam oil business

  • Ovie precious Oghogho June 2, 2016

    I realy appreciate all the comments so far posted here, they are all sources of encouragement to me. i also intend to invest in the palm oil trade and production. please i want to find out which is more profitable between buying and selling and actual processing and production of red palm oil.

  • Ovie precious Oghogho June 2, 2016

    Good Job, i have made up my mind to venture into the red palm oil business. Thanks to you Mr Omeh

  • teddy June 8, 2016

    Thank u Sir, Mr. Darlinton Omeh, God Bless u and may Almight God grant u more wisdom. Amen. Please any specific communities in Ebonyi State where i can buy the palm oil in large quantity? thanks

  • CEO June 11, 2016

    How can I get companies that need palm oil in Canada I can export from Nigeria

  • rebecca okosun June 25, 2016

    I so much appreciate your write up Sir. May God increase your wisdom. I am into Palm oil business and I need exporters that are buying in large quantities for supply of quality Palm oil from Edo state.
    Your response will be most appreciated. Thank you so very much.

  • winifred Nambativ June 28, 2016

    Thank you so much.

  • Gbenga Diji July 14, 2016

    U r too much, Darl.
    I grew up in Bamikemo in Ondo state,
    All dat u said is true,
    God bless you,
    Thank you.

  • vincent okorie July 18, 2016

    I supply good palm oil from Eboyi state even from IMO state any quantities you want just email me on

    • ogborokiri August 21, 2016

      I need to start this business can anyone partner with me?

    • Cmonek September 15, 2016

      What’s your contact details? How genuine are you and where do I meet you up at ebonyi for the business deal?

    • Cmonek September 15, 2016

      I need Genuine contacts for the palm oil supplies.. If you are fake, kindly back off. Will love to meet you in person for some one on one details.. Thanks

  • EmmanuelAustineAkwuma September 13, 2016

    How can someone locate whom to sell palm oil and palm kernel in large quantity, please help me out

  • Lami September 15, 2016

    Thanks so much for the write up. Please where can i buy the oil in Edo stste, Ebonyi State and Ondo state.

  • Ameh October 18, 2016

    Dear All,

    I have being follow all the comment, i started this business 2014 but later stop and start fulling 2015, i have being doing the business since 2015. i have introduced many peoples into the business because of profit. some call it dirty business but i don’t have choice for me to get money from it.

    you can buy your market from Edo state, Ondo state, Enugu State, Kogi and rest. but the oil have different. If you went to start the business and make profit you can contact me and i will introduced where and price is less as starter and who u supply and paid cash because in Lagos u supply but their will not paid you on cash basis, it take one week to paid. i will introduce people that we paid cash. you can contact me on phone number

    • Adefola December 17, 2016

      Hi Ameh please can I have your details please I Will like you to put me through stated in your post

      • Adefola December 17, 2016

        Hi Ameh can I have your details please I Will like you to put me through as stated in your post my.How can I reach you?

  • blubaba17 November 29, 2016

    i am so glad to come across this informative platform , i just had to register so i can be a path of this,.
    i just moved to imo state from lagos state some months ago to start up the palm oil business , i can supply any quantity of palm oil, pko oil and palm kernels to any ready and serious buyer, and at very affordable price, my dad owns a huge palm plantation here so if you want to do business please contact me.

  • joanfranca77 December 27, 2016

    Hello. Please i will be glad if anyone can give me information about the Calabar port authority. i want to know about its air shipment. Mr. Darlinton Omeh God bless you sir.

  • joanfranca77 January 5, 2017

    Any Moringa supplier in the house please?

  • odunayoerich January 9, 2017

    Im from Ile Oluji in Ondo State yea true talk

  • promzy January 13, 2017

    Can N100,000 start palm oil business?

  • Acesetter January 15, 2017

    I can supply and make delivery of quality palm oil to your door step, anywhere in Nigeria. Interested buyers should call me.

  • Napoleon January 16, 2017

    Hello Darlington,

    If I want to engage in all-year-round buying and selling of palm oil, how can I manage that since the produce is seasonal? Also, do you have any advice on how one can get immediate payments for products sold to avoid having your funds tied down due to delayed payments?

    Thank you.


  • skyfoods January 21, 2017

    We have the best packaged oil from Eboyi and Akwaibom State, SKY FOODS AGRO is a processing firm that deal in Red palm oil, we can buy and supply to your door step anywhere in Nigeria with good price, currently we are looking for partners all over the state so this can be your good chance to partner with us,,, apart from our packaged oil we can supply you any type you want.

    • Isie February 11, 2017

      l am intrested in partnership with you for supply of palm oil. l stay in Abuja. Here are my contacts. Joel Isaiah

    • PstSunday May 21, 2017

      How do i get ur contact for business

  • Iroko March 1, 2017

    Everyone want to start a Red Oil business. Yes, good but some questions have never been asked here or maybe I’d not read through carefully. To start a red oil business, I am sure one will need some empty 25 Litres Jerry Can to start with. How and where can one get this at a cheaper price or is it sold out rightly with Jerry can?

  • ibama March 29, 2017

    I am based in Port Harcourt. I want to start palm oil business. I need more information on where exactly to get the product, cost, other logistics involved. Candid response is required. Thanks so much.

  • johny May 3, 2017

    thank u very much Mr Darlington for these insightful pieces of info. i am based Owerri, Imo State. i am interested in this business. how can i sell the red oil and make profit. pls your timely response would be appreciated

  • PstSunday May 21, 2017

    A good platform to be please i have 100 galons of palm oil and need buyers if you are interested please contact my asap thanks

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