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If you have accepted an outsourced work from another company one mistake could make you lose a client and add a lawsuit for good measure. As an outsourcing service company, you are not meant to make mistakes. A lot of trust has been invested in you by your client to provide a service for their client. There client may not even know the job is not being done by the company in question and making mistakes could damage a lot of things.
You were given the job based on your expertise and you may have been made to understand the importance of the client to your client. This increases the stakes and the demand on your to provide a service that will serve you and your client well. doing the opposite could be disastrous. What are the mistakes to avoid if you have such a job?

Not Discussing The Details Prior To Drawing Up A Contract

Do not rush into accepting such a service outsourcing contract because you could miss some important details. The discussion will give you a sense of the exact kind of service the client wants you to provide. While contracts are usually comprehensive, they could be cold and just too clinical. However, such discussions will help place a reading on what the person want to achieve. It can also give you ideas on how to go about executing the service.
To avoid surprises and having confused expectations on the side of both parties, get to have preliminary meetings with the client. Sharing ideas at this stage will give you an insight into what they want and what they will not accept. There are things that may never be included in the contract even when it is expected of you. For instance, if you are providing security services for an event, they may expect your team to be discrete to a high level or show high level of visibility. The contract might only indicate the nature of the service, the duration, the charge to them and what would be interpreted as a default or failure on both parties, it may not state they want they want to be highly visible or very discrete.
They may want security personnel that are of a particular height and build and they may not state this verbatim in the contract. They may want an all female crew and will not specifically put this in the contract but you get to hear all these in the meetings you will have with them prior to the contract.
Another reason why you hold prior discussions with them is that you both understand each other. There should be no presumption on the part of both parties. Each must clarify issues and know where each of them are standing on every aspect of the deal that is about to take place. You might also get to hear peculiarities that are unique to the client they want to provide your specialized services to and things like that will not be included in the contract.

It is these preliminary meetings that will set the tone for the whole transaction. This is where you get what is expected of you and how to handle some issues if they arise.

Not Creating Benchmarks To Measure Progress Or Preparedness

As a specialized service provider, it is important to have a system that measures your progress in one form or the other. It all depends on the nature of the service you provide but the onus lies on you to be able to devise a means of measuring what you are doing. Having a way of benchmarking your service helps both you and your client. You are able to relate how far you have gone to where you are going and know whether you are on schedule or running ahead of it.
This gives you the ability to be able to organize your team more effectively, recognizing areas you need to work harder to that you meet set targets. It helps your client because you can use this to create progress reports that keep them informed every step of the way. It acts to reassure them and trust on your ability to deliver. For instance, if it has to do with an event, most clients will start getting the jitters as the day draws near. They may start panicking and this could lead to them making rash decisions that will affect your agreement with them. Creating a system that will make you provide a sort of progress report on your state of preparedness, things you have already put in place, what is left, the timeline of execution and others will prevent that nervousness from setting in from the onset. Their confidence keeps building as the days draw near because you have deliberate set up a systematic approach to keeps them assured that you will deliver as promised.
Creating such a system that gives you an overall view of how the project is moving along gives only positive vibes about you and your company.

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