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China is by far the Biggest destination for importers all over the world. Different kinds of goods ranging from personal effects to industrial machinery are manufactured and sold very cheap in China. And mind you, not all products made in China are fake –  in fact very many of these products are among the best in the world. And they are some of the fast selling products you can import from China.

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The best part of The Chinese market and industry is that they are capable of manufacturing any products according to your specification and your local need. You can pick up any product sample, take it to China and they will manufacture the exact replica very cheap and affordable. However, I do not encourage you to do that except you obtained the right from the original product maker.

In the previous article I wrote yesterday, I explained How to import goods from China to Nigeria in easy and simple steps. Now let’s take a look at some of the hottest products you can import from China and sell in Nigeria.

1. Furniture

China made furniture are very good and better finished that the local ones. These furniture includes offices, industrial and household furniture. They sell extremely fast in Nigeria and at high profit margin. Furniture business in Nigeria is big business how much more when it is of better quality and cheap and you can easily import it online without traveling to China.

Made in China furniture is one of the fast selling products you can import from China to Nigeria and sell quick at big buck. The demand is high and the market is there. However, there is stiff competition in this sector.

2. Children’s Toys

Children’s toys is another fast selling products in Nigeria and you can get it in high quantity and different types and shapes in China. The demand will even be at it’s highest during this December festive period.

I have seen some fantastic children’s toys on that I know when brought into the country, it will sell faster than you can ever imagined. Below are some of the toys I considered to be of the highest demand

  • Kids Cars: Children loves this gadget and could go to any length to get their parents buy it for them
  • Flying Helicopter: I saw this online and I am sure it will sell like pure water it comes in here.
  • Toy Bicycles: This is far more popular than the toy cars and is most affordable

There are thousands of other toys that will do well in Nigeria market that you can find in China. Take enough time to scout for them and bring them here.

3. Sealing Machines

The most popular among this is the liquid/pure water filling and sealing machines. As more and more people are going into the business of pure water and fruit juice production, the demand will keep increasing.

4. Fashion Items

I mean cheap fashion items that is affordable by the common Nigerians. These types of fashion materials are usually fake original design replica. That’s is the only class of items average Nigerians can afford for now.

  • Wrist Watches: More than 70% of wrist watches worn by the average Nigerians are made in china. My brand new original wrist watch (TAG Heuer) cost N350,000 while the fake made in China sold in Idumota market cost N500 – N1,000 at retail price and they looks quite similar to mine (-..-). More details on How to start wrist watches business in Nigeria
  • Eye Classes: Like wrist watches, you find it in different shapes and designs and people like buying it
  • Artificial Hairs: Women will tell you how fast this products sell in Nigeria. The latest trends now is the natural type but you can get almost anything you want in China.
  • Jewelries: Another hot cake in Nigerian market anytime. China is the hub for low quality jewelries.

Countless of other fashion materials exist that you can import from China and sell quickly to retailers in Nigeria and make your money. Do not import fashion items indiscriminately, always go for the latest design in the market.

5. Electronic Gadgets

This probably has the biggest market share in Nigeria anytime. There are thousands of electronic products which I wouldn’t be able to mention all here that you can import from China to Nigeria and sell very fast.

Be on the look out for unique unknown products that performs quite useful tasks. If you can get electronic product down here, you are in for money.

6. Fancy Ceiling Pendants

I am talking about those beautiful ceiling light designs you see in many houses these days. They have become much popular in recent year. The Italy made type cost a lot of money while the China made is cheaper and sell very well in the market.

7. Household Utensils

Things like kerosene stoves. There is one particular kind of kerosene stove that is not common in Nigeria and I believe it will sell very well in Nigeria. I got it in Japan, it uses single wick and battery that enables it to light automatically without the need of matches. It burns like gas cooker and does not produce black fume.

Such product is going be a massive hit in Nigeria especially if it’s cheap. The one I got in Japan cost about N20,000. I am sure the China version of it will be a lot more cheaper enough for people to afford it easily. The first person to grab this opportunity will have to thank me later.

8. Building Materials

Materials such as doors and floor tires and marbles are very good in China. These two products are guaranteed money maker for merchant who are currently importing them from China.

9. Security and Tracking Gadgets

There are many security and tracking gadgets you can import from China to Nigeria and make good money. In this category I think Security camera and car tracking devices take the spoil here.

10. Laptops/Pads/Phones

I don’t have to say much about these, you already know how big and well received they are in Nigerian market. There is no better to source for all kinds of cheap phones than China.

The made in China mobile phones popularly known as Chinko phones has taken over Nigerian market, controlling as much as 60% of the mobile phone market share in the country. The importers of these products are making big money and you can join them from today to share the spoil.

Enter The Den of Goods

Like it or hate it, there is no denying the fact that China currently controls the world’s trade and commerce. Nearly all things are made in China these days, you need to get into the market to see how big it really is.

This list is just a tip – there are untold number of goods and products that are being manufactured in China as we speak. China has taken over the world, so the best thing you can do is to move in and look for how you can tap from the vast repository of products that available in this entirely different world called China.

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    Hello, Can anyone let me know how to find buyers in Nigeria, using internet? – Thanks!!


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      Buyers for what items in particular?


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      Hello Hasan, depending on what you are offering.for sale in Nigeria. Obviously, Nigeria is known as the economic nerve of Africa now. Whatever you have, Nigeria has the capability to turn it into money for you.


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    I must confess this is an eye opner for me and a confirmation of what I heard this week. Thank you for your wealth of idea.


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    Good article


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    Nice article,very educative.
    I am very interested in that particular kerosene stove that burns like a gas cooker and does not produce soot.Please i would to know more about this stove:how it works?how efficient is it? how durable it is?where to get it at a cheaper rate? and how to ship them? i would appreciate if you can assist me with information on these questions?Thank you


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    interested in the stove. please whats the name and do u have contacts for it?


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    Great business ideas. Likewise importing to Nigeria i also wish to know the fast selling products to be exported from Nigeria to China, thanks


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    i am interested in buying fashion wears such as men clothes women clothes shoes and accessories please how can i get contact in china please needed urgently


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    Wow that’s unique. Pls am a licensed clearing custom Agent, operates from ONNE Seaport Ph. We appreciate every bit of consignment that comes into the country on clearing basics. Do communicate when every u need smooth and efficiency in clearing and delivery. Regards. Agent Francis IGWAH.


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