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Making online payment is fast and simple. Online payment through naira MasterCard, VisaCard or any other credit/debit card is the most convenient way to shop online. But many still find this modern way of payment awkward for many reasons. Some believe its not safe while other simply don’t know how to go about it.

Let me address the first set of people – people who thing making payment with their credit card online is not safe. In fact that is the safest way to pay for things. Carrying cash around present real and danger and you are never sure of the money you carry in your wallet at any time, it could be stolen or get lost. It is even the most common thing to over pay for goods and services when paying cash. But with credit/debit card, you are protected from such.

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Any online merchant that accept credit/debit card is secure and has many industry security standards in place to protect your card. Credit/debit cards has become far too secured against fraud and theft, so much that you don’t have much to worry about. So, go ahead and make payments online with your MasterCard, VisaCard, Interswitch, American Express or any card you have.

Process Of Making Payment With Naira MasterCard/VisaCard

Like I said earlier, this process is very simple and I am going to explain it step by step. From now on, you will be able to make payment online with your naira or dollar MasterCard or VisaCard or any card for that matter without hassle.

Login to the online platform where  you want to make the payment.

Select “Credit Card” as your payment option.

Fill in the details from your naira MasterCard (Enter the card number, the expiry date, and the card code)

Some platform may require you to enter the PIN for added security, that’s not bad, enter it

Click on “Make Payment” button and proceed.

You may be required to enter a code generated from your token in some cases, enter it and proceed finally.

These are all there is. You can see the process is just simple and trouble free. Before you enter your card details into any website, make sure the page is a secure page. You can know this by checking on your browser to see if the url is https (secure) or http (non secure) and also look for a green padlock beside the https as you can see from this website’s url. See the image below

How to know if a website page is secure, look for the green https signs on the browser

How to know if a website page is secure, look for the green https signs on the browser

With this, you know your transaction and card details is secure. If you have any question, drop your comments below

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  • thelot March 19, 2018

    HELLO, how to pay with other visa card from other country like benin!!


  • EngrChookhaOjiaku June 29, 2017

    Can u pay naira deposits into your dollar account?


    • ajay November 6, 2017

      nope u use dollars cash 4 dollar account same does 4 others too euro=euro account pounds=pounds acct


  • Emmywell March 2, 2017

    CBN has blocked payment with MasterCard, it no longer works.


    • ruk April 6, 2017

      thats true . but you know , the world is already a global village , there is always a way . i recently discovered one . sometimes i use e-wallets , like webmoney , skrill, net teller


  • ugo Shed June 4, 2016

    very good portal. I like this.


  • Onyebuchi June 4, 2016

    This site is really loaded! You guys are simply the best when it comes to real and viable business analysis and tutorials. My time here today is already changing the perspectives about what’s obtainable in Nigeria. Please keep it coming……..


  • Alex May 22, 2016

    In the case of paying with naira MasterCard on a dollar currency, how would you know the rate your bank would charge, will there be a prior info on the rate or conversion of the total amount of what your paying for in naira before u hit pay? Or you just hit pay and the bank debits whatever they feel


  • humphrey May 5, 2016

    its nice but wen I tried it, no result was given. I make use of master card


  • lanre April 28, 2016

    how do i know whether my card is nairacard or dollarcard


  • adebayo omotayo April 25, 2016

    Hello yep if the payment currency is dollar and you have naira card to pay how does it match to pay


    • Darlinton Omeh April 25, 2016

      Your bank handles the conversion base on their prevailing rate, so that is not your problem as long as you have naira in your bank account


  • samson March 20, 2016

    Wow,that’s nice I used to be afraid of making online payment,but with this info,I believe am relieved.


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