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Blogging has become a serious business that make millions of naira to the owners in Nigeria. The business is taking completely different dimension, away from what it used to be. Blogging gives people platforms to air their views in matters of interests as well as creating solid business for smart entrepreneurs. While some Nigerian blogs and bloggers are still struggling to hit the golden jackpots, few are currently making the real big money and enjoying the dot com lifestyle as well as the the glamours that comes with it.

This list of top 100 Nigerian blogs is the most complete and the most accurate list you can get anywhere. We relied on SimilarWeb and Alexa as the major sources of metrics, including other factors such as revenues. Blog’s influence to its readers and the general public will also be put into consideration.

Currently there is no proper distinction between most Nigerian Blogs and Nigerian news websites. It is rather unfortunate that the Nigeria blogsphere is being dominated by news curators in place of true bloggers. Until the true bloggers begin to emerge in numbers, the copy and paste people will continue to be regarded as bloggers in Nigeria. But when the true bloggers begin to take their place (which I hope soon) the current mediocrity will be done away with.

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Here Are The Top 100 Nigerian Blogs

These blogs have been around for a while. Have been through all sorts of difficulties to arrive to where they currently are. Find out if your blog is on this list and don’t forget to celebrate with the winners.


This blog is everything a professional income blog should be. Still picking its ground and have made this list base on its potential for future greatness.


A beautiful tech blog with some of the best team in tech blogging in Nigeria. TechCity is Nigeria’s sole and premier technology blog that is dedicated to reporting Technology News, reviews and online videos across Nigeria and indeed Africa.


A Financial and investment blog that is threatening to takeover the personal finance niche in Nigeria. This blog is operating in a very profitable niche that when taken seriously, may become huge money maker in future.


One of the political blogs in Nigeria with the finest prospect, a real political influencing blog. El Rufai is always sharing articles from Omojuwa and I hope to see more of this blog.


Yeah, Naija got all kinds of bloggers including a parrot. Naija parrot is a blog to beat.


The owner called it “da informative blog” and I think that’s what it is. Currently ranking well on Alexa, this blog deserve a place on this list.


This Nigerian blog belong to one Titilayo Ama and has awarded itself the number one blog on entrepreneurship in Nigeria probably for once ranking number one on the “entrepreneurship in Nigeria” keyword on


This blog is supposed to be defending Osun people but ended up defending the entire Nigeria and beyond.


Jarus is one of the few Nigerians who are passionate about online and it’s not surprising that his blog is one of the top 100 blogs in Nigeria. I see JarusHub becomes one of the top influencing blogs in Nigerian.


One of the good blogs we omitted while making this list. Good the owners pointed it out and it truly deserve a place in this list. This blog is growing at amazing pace and the future can only get brighter.


Despite a name that tends to portray this blog as exclusive clude oil niche blog, it actually covers the energy sector including finance and other news. This blog is doing well.


Another kitchen and stomach friendly blog. This ladies behind these blogs are doing really well.


A super cute blog belonging to a super cute girl. Chidinma is doing really well in her makeup niche.


This blog concentrate much more around the life  of the owner which to me is a form of originality. A decent blog with creative content, Sisiyemmie is one of the blogs to see, especially for those that loves home making.


Good blog but need a lot of improvements. Started out as though it was going to take on the world but later subsided unannounced.


A Made in Nigeria entertainment and news blog, positioning itself among the best in the industry.


Another News blog with good content


One of the blog where you get all the tips for making good Nigeria meals for everyone that loves good meals.


Micheal Chibuzor is the best and most elaborate Nigerian web copywriter I have ever seen and certainly one of the best in the world. Read some of the articles on his blog to you’ll see what I am talking about.


Good blog by an intelligent young Nigerian


This blog is one of the blogs to look out for this year and beyond. Blogging Tips Today is everything a professional blog should be and I give it to Joseph Adediji the young brain behind this blog. Its good to be young, and much more better when you are trying to do something positive with your youthfulness.


I see healthable going places in the nearest future if the owner sticks to his niche and not be tempted by the Nigerian entertainment fad.


Great blog, good content and good domain name to match. This blog have been around for a very long time but have not been able to really stick its head out of the crowd.


This blog always come into my mind quickly because of it’s funny name. Its been around over the years and waxing stronger. But like most Nigerian Blogs, seriousness may be its biggest problem.


One of the few school blogs in Nigeria that is actually serious. The name sounds like its a very good place for pepper soup join gist rather than school matters.


One of the best wedding blogs in Nigeria


One of the few Nigerian blogs that is managing to create original content and thriving on search engine ranking. NigerianFinder is combining simplicity and originality to its maximum effects.


A sister blog to the These groups of South Africa owned blogs are threatening to takeover blogging in Africa. And Buzz Nigeria is holding their Nigeria ground.


Ventures Africa is an online platform for news, analysis and discussion about African business, policy, innovation, and lifestyle.


Unique blog in a unique niche – this blog is destined for greatness. I think the name says it all about the hard work the owner is putting into this blog.


Keep your eyes on this blog; it got something positive to offer. Fine blog with great potential. This is sure one of the blog that will define the next phase of blogging revolution in Nigeria; glad it made the list at last.


It take the naked eyes to see this amazing blog. I like it when a blog is friendly to the eyes, I mean when a blog is professionally put together.


Fun blog you’d like to visit all day. I just admire the creativity of the guys behind this amazing fun blog. Heard it belong to the same owner of Good stuff!


Over the past decade, a social, economic and Cultural Revolution has taken place on the African continent. With a team of brilliant young and young at heart minds, new age thinkers and writers, Olisa.TV aim to chronicle this seismic shift.


I tend to bite my tongue whenever I try to pronounce this blog’s name. Maybe someone could help me out?


Is 1960 chick still a chick? Go to the blog and find out yourselves and more about this 1960 chick blogger.

Nigerian Blogs

Nigerian Bloggers During An Interactive Session With Google Nigeria


Dobby is one of the true bloggers we have in Nigeria. She is really creating value with her wonderfully put together tutorials.


The owner of this blog have been quietly building serious business for himself through this powerful blog.


Entertainment and lifestyle blog belonging to one of the most popular entertainment magazine in Nigeria.

49. Today.Ng

Taking the internet news media in Nigeria by the storm, know exactly where they are going and are determined to get there.


Kemi Filani is one of the bloggers who have been consistent over the years. A happy blogger she is!


Nice blog. Is there any blog to replace this blog in this position? There is none. This blog truly deserve a place in the making of top 100 Nigerian blogs.


There is nothing Yaba in this blog, let alone left. A very good entertainment blog and have been around for a while.


The owners said and I quote “The Trent was launched in December 2013 and is already a leading Internet Newspaper in Nigeria and is positioned to be one of Africa’s top 3 by 2018.” end of quote.


The only news blog belonging to a TV station that made this list. In India, NDTV.COM is probably the biggest new website and it belong to a TV network who understands the importance of using their platform to leverage new media. I think is doing the same in Nigeria.


Does very well to take the forty seventh position on this list. NaijaGists has been around for quite some times and is expecting to be one of the Nigerian Blogs that will revolutionize into something bigger and better in future.


This olori super blog by olori super gal is making wave on the internet and we hope it continues to greater height.


I wouldn’t accept this blog is Nigerian eyes until it shows me pictures of the presidential villa in Aso Rock

40.  – The intention is clear and the progress is real. about to take on Africa.

Nigerian Bloggers

At The Nigerian Bloggers Forum With Google


According to the owners, Signalng was founded in September 2015 by a team of new media revolutionaries, SIGNAL is inspired by the principles of press freedom and open societies powered by today’s new media revolution.


Used to be the second biggest tech blog in Nigeria after Techloy when it was Doncaprio is doing nice job with his blog.


Where else do you want to list a blog that has helped close to 200,000 people start their own business for the first time? A blog that has attracted foreign investors to Nigeria without having to travel round the world with over bloated entourage? We are humbled to be on this list, despite the fact that we compiled it.


One if the industry leaders and influencers in Nigeria blogging industry. This tech blogger Mr Loy Okezie is not relenting in innovation. TechLoy is currently one of the biggest technology blog in Africa.


Excellent Blog! This blog is one of the entertainment blogs in Nigeria that is really taking the business seriously. Watch out for this blog, it surely gonna give Linda a seriously challenge for number one spot.


One of the blogs giving Linda a serious fight for her position.


Had problem with last year but now restored back and getting better. OgbongeBlog is one
blog you can’t leave out whenever talking about blogs in Nigeria.


Don’t be fooled by the name, there is nothing P.M about this news blog. It make blog posts every time of the day.


Contemporary business blog.


Known for it’s aggressive articles, I like Stella for her ability to always come up with controversial articles that disrupts the system.


News blog by one of the most popular Nigerian newspaper.


This blog is dedicated to the Nigerian Nollywood but still very much on entertainment and news just like most other Nigerian blogs.


This blog was once known as Laila Ikeji, everyone though it belonged to one of Linda Ikeji’s sisters. Now we know better? Laila is doing exceedingly well in her blogging career.


Blog by the youth and for the youths. YNaija has made it’s mark in Nigerian social media and continually doing what they loves doing best.


One of the most famous Nigerian blogs and deserves a place in our list.


This blog should be on my top 10 but for Alexa ranking that placed others blogs above it. is one of the few blogs in Nigeria that is taking the business of blogging very seriously.


Good blog, good content with one of the best layout among the Nigerian mainstream news websites/blogs.


Formally known as, this blog is a place where content marketing is said to be in charge

21. – This blog is truly good at gisting and going places with it.


My favorite news blog, this website has stamped it’s name in the history of Nigeria to become the “expose extraordinaire”.


Among the best news blogs in Nigeria


Some of the few blogs in Nigeria that is backed by strong main media presence, great blog, great content but eight places backward from previous list!


The is the biggest blog in the Nigerian Jobs niche. This blog truly deserves it’s place on the top position.


Good blog, good content. Moved one place backward from our previous list


This news blog is doing well by leveraging the Nigeria’s appetite for news consumption to maintain leadership position in Nigerian blogsphere.


Seemed determined to get to Linda Ikeji’s spot by all means, this blog is doing extremely well and is one of the few blogs that is now attracting the attention of corporate advertisers.


Good they made it to our top 20 but this news blog is one website that has all the privileges to be great but isn’t making use of them.


Well, not just ok to make our top 10 in this list for now but certainly very ok as one of the best and top blogs in Nigeria.


From nowhere to the top twenty. That’s amazing growth over the year.


Another good Nigerian news blog. Changed their name from to This Day Live.


Good blog, going strong


This blog have been going strong for the past years and there is so sign of letting off.


Good blog and the owner is keen at taking it higher.


One of our choice blog any day. Pulse is seriously challenging for number one spot.


One of the pioneer of blogging in Nigeria, said to have inspired Linda Ikeji. Uche Pedro has stamped her name in the history of blogging in Nigeria through Bella Naija. She actually inspired the widespread use of “Naija” by Nigerians. Bellanaija is one of the biggest Nigerian blogs.


Punch is one of the blogs I expected to seriously challenge for number one position and think they are doing just that.


Was once the biggest website in Nigeria but lost the position back to Nairaland and now coming third behind Naij and Linda Ikeji in this blog rating.

2. Linda Ikeji Blog

Have been consistent as the number one blog in Nigeria and probably in Africa for the past two years and still going strong. Congratulation Linda Ikeji for making the number two on our list and hope you keep getting stronger and innovate someday.


Whether this news blog belong to a Nigerian or Belarusian, one thing is sure; it has made its mark in Nigerian blog and social media industry and therefore deserves our attention and recognition.

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Congratulation to all the Nigerian blogs and bloggers who made it to this elaborate list! 

If your blog is among the Nigerian blogs in this list, share this post on Facebook and Tweet it to let your fans  know where you truly belong.

Yours is not among? Don’t worry, you just need to work a little bit harder and hope you will make it next time this list is reviewed.

If you think your blog deserves to be on the list but not found, just let me know by making a comment below!

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  • Suraj Oyewale November 13, 2013

    Good efforts. I have an issue with the listing of formal media outfits like ChannelsTV website, Punch, SaharaReporters and few similar websites as blogs though. Also, I don't think any list of Top25 blogs in Nigeria, not even Top 100, that doesn't include is complete. It is not for nothing that we are nominated as Top 10 blogs contesting for Nigerian Blog of the Year 2013 award. In any case, I invite you to check out, Nigeria's most influential blog.


  • Darlinton Omeh November 13, 2013

    Like is said in the introductory remark, you can't separate those websites from Nigerian blogs. The reason being that they were built on the same structure and do exactly the same thing. If you remove Saharareporters on this list, then will have no business here too. If you remove Encomium and, others like will have no business here also. It will continue to be like this until true bloggers/blogs (not news syndicates) begins to emerge in numbers.

    Nomination to Nigerian Blog Awards is certainly not a criteria for good blogs. There are untold number of "Parked domain names" that where nominated for that said awards. The awards nomination is not based on merit but for those who wants to be nominated; Once you advertise it on your blog and tell family and friends, you will be nominated and even go ahead and win. That's why some of us aren't interested.

    As for your blog, that's a good blog you have there… but it's not up to you to rate it, others will. Just keep working hard on it and I can assure you it may make our list in the future. Thank you!


    • Mike January 4, 2014

      And where is Nairaland? it should be number one on the list. It has more visitors in nigeria than wikipedia (according to forbes) and it does not even make the list? really?


      • Darlinton Omeh January 4, 2014

        Nairaland is a Forum not a Blog. This is lists of top blogs in Nigeria not list of all sites in Nigeria


        • Mike January 6, 2014

          forum, blog…d distinction between the both is so remote. But its alright, i understand where you stand regarding nairaland now. great job!


    • kenneth February 15, 2016

      What about


    • michael March 26, 2016

      What of Miklet45Blog,it should also be on the’s a blog dedicted to Crime Prevention and Politics.


      • Linda April 6, 2016

        Then I trust you would love to share your stories on

        Send ur stories to any city/town page in the world!


    • AdebowaleAdewale September 4, 2016

      Well, if this is done again, will surely be among. thanks for the list


    • Ytech March 20, 2018

      Well, I agree partial and not totally, blogs nowadays are rank by Google and blog niche, ytechconsult blog is a typical example of investment news platform


  • Darlinton Omeh November 13, 2013

    I honesty envy your blog design. It look everything PRO BLOG. The only "coma" is your domain name. If you can change that name to custom domain and focus on one profitable niche, your blog will be very excellent.


  • Abiodun Lawrence November 13, 2013

    Not really heard of this Award stuff before, but so surprise seeing my blog among the list here
    I am so elated


    • Darlinton Omeh November 13, 2013

      Congratulation! It means you are doing really well, keep it burning.


  • Ade Adedayo November 13, 2013

    Google says my blogs is under construction;that it needs a better design. How can I do pls ?


    • Darlinton Omeh November 14, 2013

      They must be something in your blog that is not right, try and investigate. If it's not yet fully constructed, try and complete it and start blogging.


    • Emeka Odidika E February 28, 2016

      I can help tou fix the site under 24 hours


  • vincent okoli November 16, 2013

    how a my going to know that my blogs is among the list?


  • olu November 16, 2013

    Linda ikeji is not number one, Nairaland is!!!! and why is my blog not on that list


    • Anonymous January 6, 2015

      Lol I agree… Also see up n coming about to launch thx


    • Rita Udezi December 17, 2015

      linda is number 1 bc is a blog but nairaland is 9ja no 1 forum


  • VINESTAR MEDIA November 21, 2013

    Great list and great job! Keep it up.


  • VINESTAR MEDIA November 21, 2013

    Welldone! Great list. Keep it up sir!


  • Kingsley Felix November 25, 2013

    Hahahahaha Dont worry bro i will stick to my Niche, i dont even like the entertainment buzz. anyway i never knew you make such a list if not Google Disallow tool i wanted to use. Kinsgley founder healthable


    • Darlinton Omeh November 25, 2013

      That's nice to hear. Pls stick to the niche, it is a very good and profitable niche that holds lots of goodies if you work it up.


  • Kingsley Felix November 25, 2013

    Thanks for listing me. I will stick to my Niche


  • Fedrick Theo November 25, 2013

    some no correct my 9aijahouse and starnaija pass some for traffic and reak


    • Darlinton Omeh November 25, 2013

      Fredrick, I believe that your blog will make it in future but for now, all the blogs on this list are still better ranked. Just keep your head up and keep it burning, there is great future awaiting.


      • fedrick theo November 12, 2014

        it is 2014 wont you make an update i have worked more on starnaija and it rank it cool


  • Cyracks Zenda November 25, 2013

    This blog needs to be listed too. It is one of the best tech and computer based tutorial blog in Nigeria. Consider it too


    • Darlinton Omeh November 25, 2013

      Zenda, your blog is good and I like and respect tech niche a lot. But why did you mimicked the design of Ogbonge Blog? It would have been more okay if you stand out; apart from that, your blog is very okay.


    • dayo odunukan November 25, 2013

      Yea check earnonlineng


  • Cyracks Zenda November 25, 2013

    This blog cyracksinternetbiz needs to be listed too. It is one of the best tech and computer based tutorial blog in Nigeria. Consider it too


  • Samuel kelechi November 25, 2013

    samuelkelechi.blogspot. com


  • Harubuola Haryodele November 25, 2013

    My blog should be among the list, Nominated for the best student blog of the year of Nigeria Blog Award 2013. You can check corncityn


  • francisca olisakwe November 25, 2013

    sir,my blog should be among the top list thanks. wfrancaolisa.blogspot


    • Darlinton Omeh November 25, 2013

      Hahahaha… Francisca, not even among the list but among the top? I like that spirit. Keep it up you will surely be there


  • Nwosu Mavtrevor November 25, 2013

    This is a joke as you almost said because considering most of these internet gossipers as bloggers don't just bring a bad name to the real blogger but cheapen the act of blogging entirely. If the like of Netmediablog and Onenaijablog cannot make the list, then i wonder how some blogs with over a million Alexa rank made it to the list. All the same its ya list.


    • Darlinton Omeh November 25, 2013

      First, I can assure you that these two blogs you mentioned will be included on the list because they certainly qualified to be on the list.

      Like I said, until true bloggers begins to emerge in numbers to replace those entertainment news syndicates. It's only then that we'll be able to rate only true bloggers. This is not my list, it's the list of Nigerian blogs.


    • Oladokun Oladokun January 15, 2018

      Nwosu Mavtrevor, I actually agree with you. Most of the bloggers in Nigeria are really not bloggers but Gossipers. Infact, I never tag myself a blogger because it’s really a shame in the Nigerian sense of it. If Linda Ikeji is the queen of Bloggers in Nigeria, then I can’ be a blogger.

      I mean, how do I describe people who stick nose around, copying posts,pictures and rumours from different blogs and posting them on their poor looking blogs, no niche, no focus, nothing. I wonder how they amass such followers. But I am not suprised. We celebrate stupidity in Nigeria as evident in our choice of celebs.

      Truly I have only found a few people in Nigeria who are truly bloggers. But if these people that are celebrated ae called top Bloggers, then I won’t call them Bloggers but Internet Marketers. Where are the likes of Abass Toriola and Ifiokobong?

      Those who post 20 posts in a day, mostly pictures of Davido, or a woman with big behind with less than 200 words are not qualified to be called bloggers.

      Have you seen bloggers like Neil Patel, Pat Flynn, JEff Bullas, Matthew Woodward, Harsh Agrawal and so on? These are the real bloggers or in the more accurate term, Internet Marketers.

      Blogging industry in Nigeria is just a joke.

      If we call these guys bloggers and celebrate them, we are not serious as a nation.


  • Andrew Isiomah November 25, 2013

    Truly, as a search engine is growing fast; my personal blog's traffic source stats of "referring urls" show as my 3rd top referring sites. This list will be incomplete without…Interestingly, the blog has been reinstated by Google. Inspiring topic; good listing though need to be reviewed and updated based on compared Google and Alexa ranking. Well done.


  • Oluwatoba Omidele November 25, 2013

    Great job no doubt, i hope my blog 'BLOG WITH FURY' will make the list soonest.


  • Thundey Harwall November 26, 2013

    Thanks for the list, Much Appreciated


  • Timothy Ozovehe November 26, 2013

    You try but your list is not complete sir without The niche is education/instructional mainly based on unilag. A site that compete with even the main unilag website. Check it out for yourself. Thanks.


    • Darlinton Omeh November 26, 2013

      LOL… Okay, I'd try to include it in our next rating but keep working on it so that it'll merit whatever rating it's given. One thing you guys have to understand is that this ranking is about which blog is bigger and better. If you are outside this list, you need to work hard to get inside purely on merit.


  • Timothy Ozovehe November 27, 2013

    Your list is okay, your opinion and I have no issue with it at all. Did you check it out? I mean I know you will agree with me that it should be on the list above. Anybody that has commented is free to check it out. thanks.


    • Darlinton Omeh November 27, 2013

      Timothy, I did checked it just as I did to all other blogs before making the list. Your blog is currently ranking 562,034 globally and 2,880 in Nigeria as at today (27/11/2013) while the number 99 on this list is ranking 353,254 globally and 2,864 in Nigeria. So, can you give me one reason yours should be there in place of the 99th blog?

      The number 100 blog made the list based on two factors: 1. The domain hack is of highest quality. 2. It provides very clean and extremely quality content.

      You see! This list is much more than my opinion, it is the unbiased awards for all Nigerian bloggers. This helps every blogger in Nigeria to know where they are in the making of top blogs.

      I also want to add that this list is dynamic, it changes from time to time. Once any blog gets better, it will replace the one it is better than. What that means is that you can be on this list today and may not be on it tomorrow. So it is good to make the list but much better to remain on the list through consistent effort.


      • bashorun February 29, 2016

        Mr Omeh i really like your opinions all thru your chat,s and replys but how can i be part of the next event cos am ready to work hard on my blog as well and so working harder toget is my blog name and how can i register with the blog list


  • Timothy Ozovehe November 27, 2013

    Bro, if Alexa is your basis then your list is wrong. Sorry to say let me explain from practical example. Alexa only sees your site when people visit your site with alexa tool bar installed on the visiting laptops or desktop. I use to think this was not true when some friends initially pointed my attention to it. use to rank 700 in Nigeria and 180,000 plus worldwide when I was using laptop and then my site was even less popular with 1500 to 2000 visit per day. But since the day I started using Ipad. Alexa ranking drops simply because their tool bar is not installed on my ipad. And now my traffic exceeds 3000 visits on the average per day.

    When I started, within one week of launching the site with less than 200 visit cos the site was empty, just me visiting the site and designing it with alexa tool bar installed on my laptop the rank jumped 1200 in Nigeria. I can't remember the worldwide ranking now.

    Alexa ranking is not consistent bro. Ask other enlighten bloggers and they will gist you. Ask our tutorial guy Jide owner of ogbongeblog and he will enlighten you cos I have seen some of his post where he attest to all this too.

    The basis for measurement should be sight influence on its readers, alexa should be considered but it shouldn't be the number one determinant.

    The reason why I said your list is okay before is because I know some of the site you listed above. And they are are really very good site too. But honestly I think should be listed above.

    Anybody is free to check it out and examine the value it adds on it's readers and also the level of influence.

    Please note that am only contributing as a fellow blogger/social media consultant nd not opposing your opinion.

    God bless nigerian bloggers as we continue to give our readers real value and not recycling/copy pasting all in the name of owning a blog. Thanks.


    • Darlinton Omeh November 27, 2013

      My brother, you don't have to be sarcastic about this! Telling me I should ask this person and that person to "enlighten" me is as if I just woke up from sleep and needed water to clear my eyes… don't you think it's funny?

      Alexa is and still remain the most popular and most credible public web rating system. The logic Alexa employes is: If you are popular among Alexa toolbar users, you can as well be popular among non Alexa toolbar users. Just as you can survey 1000 persons on a random and use the data obtained from those 1000 persons as the general opinion of millions.

      Advertisers and general web users even webmasters themselves rely heavily on Alexa as the most popular and most credible means of ranking websites against each other and determining how popular a site is. And why not? Since the toolbar is currently installed on millions of Laptops and PC's across the globe in most languages. If your site is ranking well on Alexa, it means that good number of Alexa users are visiting your site in addition to good number of other unknown traffics. Even Google itself do rely on Alexa's algorithms to make certain decisions in their page rankings.

      We are looking forward to when Google will buy Alexa and improve the algorithms till then, Alexa remain the most credible and most trusted means of identifying web rankings by the naked eyes. Facebook can not argue with Google concerning the number 1 and 2 position; so let's follow the same pattern.

      You are doing very well with your blog no doubt about that but please, let it rank above others on Alexa before it could make this list


      • Mayor Danj3 May 20, 2016

        Guy relax, I know a whole large sum of people wey no dey accept toolbar for them PC, Yet them dey sleep, smoke, drink, eat, and make money online. Just don’t argue here please.


  • Timothy Ozovehe November 27, 2013

    Alright! You made some relevant points in the second paragraph of your last comment. All the best


  • Darlinton Omeh November 27, 2013

    Thank you. We hope for better days ahead in Nigeria's blogsphere. If possible, we want to rule the world


  • Jarus November 29, 2013

    Good to see on the list now.


    • Darlinton Omeh November 29, 2013

      Nice to see it too, congratulation! Hope all of us keep growing from strength to strength


      • Jarus January 3, 2014

        Sad to see jarushub delisted again….


      • Jarus January 3, 2014

        Surprised Jarushub has been taken out again?


        • Darlinton Omeh January 3, 2014

          I am surely keeping my eyes on the blog and I am sure it will be back here very very soon


          • Jarus January 6, 2014

            Good, I can see you're using Alexa rating.

          • Darlinton Omeh January 6, 2014

            Alexa Rating + Google Authorship Credentials + Smart Secret Algorithms. So, you see that your lack of proper head shot could push your blog further down the pecking order 😀

            Update: We will now rely very much on Similarweb for this ranking going forward. The reason: SimilarWeb currently has the most accurate web ranking system on the internet, with most website currently verifying their Analytics traffic stats with SimilarWeb.

  • Emebu Blessing December 3, 2013

    Thank you very much my friend Darlinton, i very well appreciate your effort in putting this amazing list together, i believe it has cost you time and energy, a very good job indeed. may i suggest oracleblogger. com. this blog is one of Nigerian that i think is worth adding here.


    • Darlinton Omeh December 3, 2013

      Mr. Emebu, Good job! You have an eye for quality and good design. I like your blog's structure, layout, graphic, and everything, It really look pro. I will keep my eyes on your blog, It will make the list very soon


  • precious onuoha December 6, 2013

    Good job Darlinton I must say. Please, check out: onuohaprecious.blogspot. com and give your sincere comment on it. It's a new blog anyway!


    • Darlinton Omeh December 6, 2013

      Precious, I visited your blog but it's difficult for me to comment about it since it's still very new. So I will wait for some couple of months before commenting about it


  • Ayoola Ayobami December 12, 2013

    Hmmmm, Nice Post, Long list of Nigeria Blogs.. Blogging is not easy at ALL, that's why is only meant to be successful when you're hardworking and patient. I also hope my stevenbergy will be as big as Linda Ikeji's Blog some day and make your list. *Winks*


    • Darlinton Omeh January 7, 2014

      Sure! You are already well on the way and it's just a matter of time. I see your blog making this list in a matter of days.


  • uche Nwokolo December 13, 2013

    Hello sir you can pay visit to my blog wisdom4money .com. A cool and inspirational blog. Thank you


    • Darlinton Omeh December 15, 2013

      Uche, keep up the good work, I am sure you will make the list soonest.


  • graciousg December 13, 2013

    Nice post. But sorry to ask, is it that we don't have Christian bloggers in Nigeria, blogging Christian contents? I have visited the blogs you listed and none of them blogs Christian contents. Would love to know if you find one. My blog is a Christian blog and just started blogging June this year. Hope to make it to your list next time. Grace.


    • Anonymous December 15, 2013

      Maybe you could be the one to start it… if it is profitable others will surely follow


    • Anulaobi Caleb December 30, 2013

      Gracious!.. You can check out anulaobi.blogspot. com. Its strictly motivational and christ-like


    • Funmi Reese August 2, 2014

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  • Richard Obinna December 18, 2013

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    • Darlinton Omeh July 13, 2014

      Most blogs are ranking backwards on Alexa without change in traffics. I think it's a change of Algorithms by Alexa. We are still watching, for the main time the list still remains up to date.


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    • Darlinton Omeh July 15, 2014

      Queen, you are very correct! Like I said earlier, when the true bloggers begins to emerge in number, the mediocre will be done away with.


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    I think the title of the article should be top 100 websites in Nigeria because most of the so called blogs listed are actually a website. There is a big difference between a blog and website. A blog is an online journal., vanguard, punch are not blogs


    • Darlinton Omeh May 24, 2016

      In your own words – and are not online journals? Kindly tell us what they are please. Thank you!


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    Being among the first 100 blogs in Nigeria is not an easy task, though I’ll love see Cybernaira move to first 20 when next the list will be update.

    I’ll keep doing what I know best and hope to the result.



  • John April 25, 2016

    I beg to disagree with this list, ranking a website or blog is not all about Alexa popularty and what not, carefully breaking down this list would clearly indicate that 70% of the blogs here belong to the same niche, News, News, and News. where are the car blog? where are the DIY blogs ? There are lots of them out there with quality contents that are recognized by google and most authority sites outside Nigeria, we need to do things slightly differently.


    • Darlinton Omeh April 25, 2016

      John, you can recommend those blogs you are talking about. If they really merit it, they sure would be included in the list. Cheers!


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    Regarding the picture in this article, is there any forum for bloggers in Nigeria? I never heard of one. I’d like to know if one exists. We need something like that in this country.

    Thanks. Great job!


    • Darlinton Omeh May 24, 2016

      Thank you Samuel. The pictures on this post was taken from Google event with Bloggers in Nigeria. The event is 100% invitational


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    • Darlinton Omeh August 10, 2017

      Lol @number 101 😀 Cristina, You are welcome to the number 101 spot


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