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Garri production is a very big business that is churning out millions of naira for those doing just the ways it should be done. The investors with the right machinery are making real money producing this essential commodity in some great quantity to serve the market that is far from being saturated as the demands of it continues to increase.

It is a viable business because it is one of the most widely consumed food in Africa and beyond. As the population of Africa continues to grow along with its economy, likewise the demands of staple foods like garri continues to match up with it.

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In Nigeria today, there are both big and small scale garri producers that are making fortunes with the business and are living the comfortable lives of their choice.And they are not looking at the business as anything that could dwindle any time soon because the rate of interests in larger quantity production of it is not threatened at all.

So in this post, we will be providing you some step by step guides on how you too could have your share of the millions that are already being made by those into the business.

We have to do this because with the right kind of  knowledge on how to produce garri in greater quantities, a serious investor stands the chance of raking in millions and could exceed his greatest imaginations base on is possible with garri business.

Starting A Garri Production Business

To start with, Garri is a product of Cassava which thrives in African soil due to good tropical climate. Even when other farm produce fails, cassava is very sure to live up to expectations in bringing good harvest to the farmers.

There are so many ways to convert the produce of cassava into different foods in Africa which garri happens to be the most among the list and its accepted throughout Nigeria as a common food for all. Put simple, garri is a common man’s food.

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Sometimes and no matter how intense the economy is or how hard other food commodities may be to obtain in the market, the common question from caring relatives or others are usually, ‘Hope you are eating garri or ebba?’as its otherwise called. Just to show you how sure and affordable garri is.

Locally made yellow garri

Locally made yellow garri

Garri is very common and that has affected its prices for a long time now and making it to be stable. At least, close to 80% of cassava produce are processed into garri just to show you how high the demands of garri is around within the country not to talk of having it exported to other countries which those who met the stringent exports requirements are doing.

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You may not have to concern yourself over that because you can still make it big producing and selling it locally and even contact those exporting it to be buying from you if are sure of enough quantities and best processed products.

If you have interest in garri production, here are some tips to guide you into making it a reality as you are sure to have your millions to show for it.

For any serious entrepreneur to go into garri production, he may have to invest in cassava production which in its own is a profitable farming in Nigeria.

But if you are sure of having a steady supply of cheap and fresh cassava tubers, then you can still make it without your own farm.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that cassava is a perishable item and if left for a long time it may get spoiled and that would affect your end product; because of that, always have the time frame in mind whenever you are placing order for a fresh supply or going to the market to buy yourself.

You also need to understand that there are varieties available in the markets and so make yours to be in line with what is preferred locally and in various demands too in case you have different markets with different taste traditions in mind.

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For instance, if you taste a Yoruba made garri and Igbo version, you are bound to notice some major and minor differences just like you would of a Togo and Ghana garri.

The guideline is to know what appeals to your market, if not one may end up with the right product in the wrong market.

In Nigeria, one may have the options of producing garri with varying methods and have it taken to the market for sale but among these various methods of productions, manually produced garri usually last longer than quickly made ones which contains moisture and starts getting bad as soon as it’s bagged, but the downside of this methods of production is that it doesn’t pass the international standards and are not fit for exportation.

If you want garri to last for months without any form of degenerating, then take time to prepare yours by making sure that there is no moisture contents in the finished products which can be achieved using machine production.

Instead of just going the markets and buying finished products for sale which may not meet the preferred standards, if one could spare the time and effort in having it produced properly even if it costs higher, you will be assured of having regular buyers that prefers good and well processed garri for distribution to markets of interest.

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For those that could afford it, investing in cassava processing machinery could go a long way in having quality end products in market and that gives the person peace of mind while selling it because those who are dealing with quickly processed ones are usually in a hurry to have theirs sold of before it begins to spoil in their hands, but if you are known to be having good quality of well processed garri in the market, that has the capabilities of positioning you well even before the exporters to the foreign markets.

Since every other things are going technological, garri processing is not left behind. Before now and still, there are those who are still using the old and crude methods of processing garri, which many say is economical, but in terms of hygiene, it scores zero.

There are now some machines in the Western parts of Nigeria which takes up the process of cassava tubers on the arrival at the plant and have them turned into hygienically ready to eat end product of garri. One stand better chances of having this done perfectly if he is into the farming himself, which is not all that hard as it’s explained here.

Go for this modern tech in garri productions as it is sure to take off manual labor and give you the best of what you want. Garri production is a serious discussion on the internet and offline because people are just waking up to the realities of what are achievable with good production of well processed garri in the market.

Farming has been discovered to be the number one investment that many people can be in and still not be able to satisfy the market demands. Garri is such that no matter how much you are able produce it, once it’s of some high qualities of internationally acceptably standards, you are sure to be shaken hands with full time exporters that are into millions themselves and which you would become by having business dealing with them.

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