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How to apply for Indonesia student Visa from Nigeria is a question you might want to ask if you are planning to study in Indonesia. Either you want to study as an undergraduate or as a post graduate. You are in the right place. Let me warn you before I proceed. There are so many online self-acclaimed agents that will promise you that they will do it all for you while you sit at home. Most of the times, these agents scam and run with money of anyone that comes across their way. The processes you need and the requirements will be discussed here. At the end of this article, you will be able to do it by yourself.

Study in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia formed of thousands of islands, at the crossroads of the Indian and the Pacific Ocean. Indonesia is popular especially for the fascinating and wonderful Bali Island. The country have a rich and varied culture, and the cost of living is very low. There are about 6,000 international students in Indonesia. You will not be the only international student there. I just want you to know that. Since universities plan to deliver more English-taught programmes, the number of international students is bound to grow significantly. You don’t have to worry about language barrier. Higher education in Indonesia is also provides a thriving academic environment that helps students advance and develop.

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How To Get Indonesia Student Visa From Nigeria

International students who wish to study at any institution in Indonesia will need to apply for an Indonesia student visa (KITAS). The student Visa will be your key to be allowed legally into the country. There are several types of Visa you can apply for when travelling to Indonesia. The reason you want to travel to Indonesia will determine the category of Visa you will apply for. If you are going for business, you apply for a business visa. Tourist apply for tourist visa and an Indonesia student visa will allow you to study in an institution of your choice.

The idea of how to apply for Indonesia student Visa from Nigeria is that you firstly apply for admission in an institution of your choice in Indonesia. After the school offers you an admission, you then gather all the documents below and follow any of the procedures below.

Indonesia Student Visa Required Documents

Documents are very important in a visa processing application. The document should not only be complete, they should be legal too. You should submit all the required documents in honesty and openness. Here are the needed documents.

1. An International passport. You can’t travel out of Nigeria without it.

2. Copy of latest transcript and diploma legalised certificates.

3. Curriculum Vitae (in brief)

4. Color Photo 3 x 4 size (6 pieces) and 4 X 6 size (6 pieces), both in red background.

5. Statement Letter of Financial Guarantee (Self-‐Financing).

6. Proof of Health (Certificate of Good Health from local doctor/hospital).

7. Letter of acceptance from an Indonesia institution declaring that the applicant has been accepted as student and all cost are covered by the applicant.

8. Sponsor letter from issued by institution.

9. Recommendation from Education Department Student.

Indonesia Student Visa Re- Entry

Since your Indonesia Student Visa is not for multiply entry purposes, a re-entry permits is needed. Let me explain. If you need to leave Indonesia before finishing your study, you must apply an exit permit to immigration office or via your institution Office.

Types Of Indonesia Student Visa Exit Permit

Two types of exit permit available with different Fees:

1. SERP (Single Re-‐Entry Permit). One time exit and re-‐entry permit within 90 days.

2. MERP (Multiple Re-‐Entry Permit). Multiple exit and re-‐entry permit within 180 – 360 days.

After the completion of the study, the student must return all the documents to the Immigration Office along with the Fees. The Immigration Office will then issue EPO (Exit Permit Only) stamp, and by this EPO student may legally leave Indonesia.

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Indonesia Embassy Addresses In Nigeria

Represented: Indonesia
Country Located in: Nigeria
City: Lagos
Address: Indonesian Embassy 5B, Anifowoshe Street Victoria Island
P.O.BOX 3473 Lagos Nigeria


Represented: Indonesia
Country Located in: Nigeria
City: Abuja
4, Salt Lake Street, Off Gana Street, Maitama District, Abuja FCT Nigeria

Applying for an Indonesia student visa is really easy. Get an admission from a University for a program of your choice, then gather the documents and walk to any Indonesia Embassy. If you have any questions, you can ask below.

Thank you for reading.

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