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Firstly,  want to take time and explain briefly what happened with WealthResult.com over the couple of months. This is the first time I’m talking about it and I’m sure most of you who have been with us long enough understands our journey so far.

I stopped writing on this Blog for almost eight months because I wanted to upgrade and take it to the next level. We wanted to upgrade the entire system and make the platform robust enough to accommodate all kinds of businesses in Nigeria. It took us seven moths to carefully plan and execute the upgrade in the best possible way which involves much more than this Blog.

Everything went according to plan and we where able to upgrade and moved WealthResult.com to Constative.com around June-July this year. But along the line, we notice serious conflict in interests and objectives and decided to separate WealthResult from Constative and move it back again to where it formally was, to exclusively take care of Nigeria’s business front.

The movement of WealthResult.com (To and Flo) eventually proved catastrophic as our entire comments, numbering into thousands, on all the previous posts where lost. All our indexed pages on Google and other search engines where lost too including our page ranks. Now we are starting almost allover again!

While I sincerely regret the losses, I am 100% satisfied with the steps we taken because I always believe that whatever thing that is worth doing is worth doing extremely well. I believe we are currently doing it well, and hope to bounce back 100% within the next few months with your support.

Now that we are here again, what’s next… ?

It is simple! We will keep bring you business opportunities as never seen before. Practicable business ideas in Nigeria – thoroughly researched and presented in comprehensive, timely, and professional manners, to assist you start your business and run it profitably.

Anyone who is really serious about starting a business in Nigeria, anyone who have something to do with business in Nigeria must keep a tab on WealthResult.com all days, starting from today.

Our aim is clear, to keep playing the leadership role in this niche as we make effort to present business ideas in clear unambiguous terms, simple and clear enough for average Nigerian citizen to understand and apply.

Two months ago, I meet a man who built a giant poultry farm on 24-Acres of land. You can imagine how big a poultry farm built on 24-Acre would be? He told me the idea of the poultry farm was conceived and executed purely from the inspiration he got from WealthResult.com.

Another lady who came from Abuja to see me this week also confided in me that her current business was as s result of Idea she got from this website too.

These and many more are some of the success stories that makes us tick. These are the reasons we do what we do and will continue doing what we do despite any hardship. Thousands have been able to start their own business for the first time in their life based on the ideas we share freely on WealthResult.com.

We don’t want you to miss out on all of these wonderful juicy business opportunities that we’ll be publishing on this site in the next days.

Therefore, you must do the following now… !

1.Follow me on Twitter – You will find the Twitter follow button below this post, click on it to follow.

2. Sign up to our email update – Enter your best valid email address into the subscription box below

3. Give us final permission – Login to that your email, open the email sent to you and click on the verification link inside it. That’s all! From then on, we will have your permission to notify you anytime a business idea is published on this site

From now on, you have become a real member of WealthResult.com community. This is the best way to make good use of this site and we pray that God shall bless your hustle as you do.

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Darlinton Omeh

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  • kaka January 29, 2016

    Planning on opening a restaurant in kaduna…grills, nigerian and intercontinental foods..want it to be unique..need ur advise and ideas.thanx


  • petters February 6, 2016

    Darlington u are and business guru…thank for ur free will..i learn a lot from u that made me to start my oil business,though i failed and trying to stand again,of course it not easy but failure has been my key to success…


    • Darlinton Omeh February 6, 2016

      Sorry to hear about the failure you experience. Hope you will get it right this time. The path to greatness is never easy and anyone who have been there will tell you so. Thank you


  • Sylvanus May 24, 2016

    Am into palm oil business but my challenge is that i do not have enough customers to supply and where to supply it.


  • 333frederick December 24, 2016

    Darlington.how can tirn around my resources through two plot of land i ve in warri in delta state.the option of selling does not appeal to me cos it is low.please advice


  • Chidozie Lucius September 23, 2017

    I am interested in goat and sheep rearing. Can you help me to start the business


  • JOHNMIC October 15, 2017



  • Oluwaseun March 14, 2018

    I’m interested in concrete block industry


  • Oluwaseun March 14, 2018

    I’m interested in block industry


  • IzikKeezy June 6, 2018

    Thank you for this wonderful concept.

    I wish you success in all endevours.


  • Ojeme Isimeme July 5, 2018

    OK would love to hear more about you


  • David December 14, 2018

    Please reach out to me on.
    I am about to dust myself off the sands of failure and heavy debts I need ur advise. Plus sent SMS


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